Immigration into the UK: More unlawful immigrants lost by Home Office

According to a revelation by the Chief Inspector of Immigration and Borders John Vine, around 174,000 immigrants who are illegal were lost by the Home Office.

According to the revelation, before 2008 there existed about 232,000 migrants from different foreign countries whose applications for visa extensions had been rejected. There was the expectation that these migrants were going to be sent back to their home countries – but the report made suggestions that around 2012 about 58,000 of this number of migrants had gone out of the UK, which is only 25 percent of the entire number.

It appears that the remaining 174,057 (75 percent) who had been denied further leave to remain in the United Kingdom still remained in the UK and could not be located by the immigration personnel. Since the year 2012, the quantity of persons who could not be located by UK immigration authorities has just only reduced to 173,562 persons.

Mr. Vine had warned that any delay in effecting action against the foreigners who stayed longer than they were permitted to do so in the UK possesses the potential to affect the people’s confidence and belief in the control of immigration.

The report equally made suggestions that about 80 percent of students from foreign countries stay back in the United Kingdom on completing their studies. Of course, a lot of them are qualified for different kinds of visas, but a couple of them also enlist for fake weddings just to stay back in the UK. Based on this report, students account for about 85 percent of the grooms in fake marriages.

Just recently, Ibrahim Mahter who is a ringleader of sham marriages was nabbed renting out his female partner to participate in fake matrimonial ceremonies at $8000 per ceremony. A great majority of the grooms hailed from either Pakistan or India.

Theresa May the UK Home Secretary has been lambasted of making attempts to stop the report from being published; she has recently had clashes with Vine regarding the embarrassment the immigration reports would cause the government because of their timing. In 2013, the Home Secretary censored a border security report.

Theresa May is billed to be questioned over accusations that she made attempts to hide the report some days prior to the UK legislators going for their Christmas period recess.

The Shadow Immigration Minister David Hanson stated that Theresa May had tried to hide the reports because they revealed the complete chaos that exists in her own ministry. They have revealed a murderer who was given British citizenship, a backlog of asylum that was growing and the disappearance of 175,000 persons who were illegally here.

There was no direct response to the allegations by Ms. May. But James Brokenshire the minister of UK Security and Immigration stated that there was a commitment by the government to build a system of immigration which was fair and just to citizens of Britain and migrants who were legitimate and, as has been stated clearly by the report, a rigour was being applied to the system of immigration which had never existed for so many years.