Large Number of Alleged War Criminals Reside in Britain

In a shocking interview, Mr. Brian Moore has revealed that there might be a very large number of suspected war criminals living in the United Kingdom. For those unaware, such a statement made by him is a cause for worry since he was the ex – chief of the United Kingdom Border Force. Thus, the credibility of these statements can easily be vouched for. The former security head told British Broadcasting Company Radio 4’s channel that the collection of information on such individuals was extremely inefficient. Basically, the Border Forcer relied on these individuals to volunteer information about their alleged war criminal status themselves. Understandably, the official number of such individuals is bound to be much, much lower than the actual number of suspected war criminals.

Though the Home Office claims that it is constantly trying to improve screening methods to prevent entry of such individuals into the United Kingdom, Mr. Moore remains skeptical. He says that no strategy is being employed to correctly estimate the number of such individuals currently living in the United Kingdom. This is naturally very disturbing. According to Mr. Brian Moore, these war criminals generally commit heinous war crimes including rape and torture in their own country and then flee to the United Kingdom to seek refuge.

The numbers related to the case are really staggering! Over the last two years a total of 800 cases involving individuals suspected of war crimes were investigated by the Home Office. A hundred and fifteen war criminals were also identified to be making claims for a United Kingdom citizenship. The largest number of suspects originate from countries like Libya, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Iran, Rwanda, Serbia and Afghanistan. This can be directly correlated to the ongoing civil unrests and war like scenarios in these countries. The majority of these war criminals would have served as prison guards, junior soldiers, intelligence officers and police officers in their home countries. The number of such individuals in the United Kingdom is close to hundreds of thousands of people for the last twenty years. That is how big the suspect pool is!

What with the lax laws allowing illegal immigrants to petition against stripping of their ‘citizenship status’ and subsequent deportation on grounds of human rights, the number of people illegally staying in the United Kingdom is increasing at exponential rates. The Home Office claims that it is determined to not let the United Kingdom become a safe haven for such elements but the numbers on paper seem to discredit them. Mr. Moore has set up a campaign group Torture Aware UK just to bring to light the absolute horror of the situation. He is trying to make citizens aware of the dismal reality with a broader goal of forcing these individuals out of the country, and, ultimately being tried for their crimes. Perhaps Theresa May should target the real issues facing the Immigrations Bill instead of putting up a façade of being active by banning foreign students from entering the United Kingdom.