Pressure is defined as an involuntary influence on the mind. It is also described as an oppressive condition of physical, social, mental or economic distress on a person. This happens in situations when the need is great. Pressure can come from within or without of a person. Pressure within refers to the person’s state of adversity. On the other hand, pressure from without refers to expectations from peers or family.

Passing a test of any kind creates tension. Passing the Life in the UK Test gives rise to a bigger burden or anxiety when one considers the social and economic implications of passing it. Knowing the fact that a third of the total applicants fail this examination results to much strain on the future applicants!

So, how do we deal with this? Here are some simple tips for you to be ready for the Life in the UK Test with less or no pressure at all:

  1. Make realistic goals with commitment and a positive outlook in life.

This means that you have to have a firm resolution to pass the test by subjecting yourself to do what is necessary to prepare for it properly. Nonetheless, remind yourself that, should you fail, it isn’t the end of the world. This only means that you will do better the next time you take the test. After all, practice makes perfect!

  1. Study in a manner you are most comfortable with.

If it’s reading the book, taking down notes and using cue cards for review, so be it! But if you’re computer savvy, you may check free websites on chapter summaries at

You may also study aloud. This means you asking the question and answering it yourself. When you fail to answer correctly, go through the topic again and verbally explain to yourself why you answered wrongly. You probably wouldn’t believe it but a lot of people study this way! You may also request a friend to test you from time to time or you may take practice tests online at

  1. Take care of yourself.

Keep your study schedule religiously. Do not procrastinate. Remember that you aren’t fooling anyone else but yourself. Ensure that you have adequate lighting and fresh air in your study area. This will lessen the chance of you getting sick and losing those precious hours meant for studying. When large topics start to bore you, break it down into manageable pieces by taking ten-minute breaks in between.

Love yourself by taking your meals on time, drinking enough water and exercising daily. This will keep your body in good condition and speed up learning. Do not force yourself to study when you’re tired or feeling sleepy. Get enough sleep and reward yourself with an occasional movie or your favourite food whenever you meet your set goals or when you pass a practice test.

Instead of feeling anxious for the testing day, look at it as an exciting day. Never allow negativity to bring you down. Pressure is always, and foremost of all, a battle with one’s self. Once you have conquered your own fears, it will be easy to handle external pressure.

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