Magistrate takes money from Asylum seeker

After £2,100 cash was seized off him by magistrates, a failed asylum seeker walks away from court
Immigration officers were informed by Kreshnik Pisku that £1,000 was sent to him from Albania by his father while another £860 was won by him from machines for gambling
Yesterday, after over £2,100 in cash was seized from him a failed seeker of asylum walked out of the court.

Failed asylum seeker who is illegally in the United Kingdom walked from court after magistrates seize £2,100 in cash from him.
As much as £2,197.80 in notes of £20 and £50 were found in the wallet of 35 year old Kreshnik Pisku when he was at Middlesbrough attending an immigration check.
In October, Pisku’s third claim for asylum in the United Kingdom was rejected.
Officers of immigration had been informed by him that his father in Albania had sent to him £1,000 and that another £860 had been won by him in local bookmakers gambling machines.
However, they had suspicions, because Pisku who is a national of Albanis is not permitted to work and just collects £185 every week as benefits for his two children and his wife.
Yesterday, magistrates were requested to have the money confiscated for three months while officers of immigration were to make an investigation into how Pisku arrived at it.
Pisku had burst into tears while giving evidence, begging that he had two children and the money was for his children.

Pisku stated through the assistance of an interpreter that he was being asked to leave by the Home Office. Letters were being written to him. when his wife had been pregnant at seven, eith months, £8,000 had been offered to them, £2,000 to each of them for them to return back to Albania. They attempted to have him pushed out.

Teesside Magistrates’ Court was informed by a member of the immigration crime team Ian Rundle that on three separate occasions Pisku had entered into the United Kingdom.
On December 5, 2002 was his first attempt and his claim for asylum had been refused. In May 2003 he was deported.
At Calais in November 2008 the Border Force encountered him as he was attempting to gain entry into the United Kingdom.

He was deported in January 2009 after asylum was claimed by him.
In June 2013 Pisku again arrived into the United Kingdom and the police stopped him possessing Italian documents which were forged.

In October this year his asylum claim was denied for the third time.
Mr. Rundle stated that Pisku had been interviewed by him on Monday at the Russell Street, Middlesbrough immigration centre after he was discovered with the money.
There were no documentary evidence with Pisku to prove that his father was the person from whom he had received the money, and no Ladbrokes bookmakers receipts to prove his winnings.
Pisku who resides at Waterloo Road, Middlesbrough stated that his proof of winning the cash were the betting shops CCTV.
He stated further that the remained of the money was the cash he saved from his family and his benefits.
He emphasized that this was how he held on to money because he did not have an account nor a passport.
Magistrates were in agreement that the money comprising of £1,340 in £20 notes, £850 in £50 notes, and the remaining in coins was now going to be retained by the officers of immigration while they tried to find out if unlawful conduct was the way it had been obtained.
The court heard that Pisku was on bail for a different offence. If it is proven to be legal he might receive back the money.