MEGA New Critical Changes to Immigration rules

You must prepare yourself for these changes!

The latest Immigration Act, will be put into effect over the coming months through new regulations. This will mean a very tough approach by the Government to immigrants. All these new changes would mean it’s going to be more expensive, risky and time consuming to come to the UK and stay here.

Critical changed affecting immigrants:

Very strict controls on illegal working!
New rules against worker exploitation
Making it prohibitively expensive for recruiting from outside EEA; and
Another new language fluency requirement for employees.
Very strict controls on illegal working

There are two main changes:

Making it an extreme criminal offence to employ an illegal migrant; and,
Making illegal working a new and a serious offence
These serious changes will make UK employers very reluctant to employ non EEA employees who are from outside the EU. Because now with these changes employers are highly exposed to prosecution and heavy fines.criminal prosecutions for employers will increase dramatically.

Employers will be under a lot of pressure because of having to carry out checks on employees or face legal action and costly penalties by the government. This means five years prison time under the Act. Companies which repeatedly commit offences against the Act face closure of the business for up to 48 hours.

Workers who are here without visa or are on a visa which does not allow them to work will face charges as a criminal offence with a sentence of up to 6 months and or a fine. Their earning also can be seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.


the below will become an offence while staying here illegally

To have a UK driving license

You will not be able to have bank account or

You will not be able to rent property to live in

Preventing exploitation in the labour market

To reduce increasing levels of organised criminal activity there are many changes being introduced.

Charging employers for recruiting from outside EEA

To discourage employers from recruiting skilled employees from abroad, the new “immigration skills charge” of £1000 for each employee, will be introduced for Employers who sponsor workers from outside of the European Economic Area.

For each skilled worker brought into the UK under Tier 2 of the points-based system. The minimum salary will be £30000 per year.

Changes to  language requirement

Public authorities will have to ensure that workers in customer interaction roles speak English to a sufficient degree of fluency. There will be more regulations on assessment of “Fluency”. This change would mean a lot of discrimination for some employees.

All these changed will unfortunately create a very hostile enviornment by restricting many of the things that they can do  for those who are in the UK without proper visas. Also if this will create heavy penalties for common activities. Ultimately employers will be very reluctant to employ anyone outside the EU because of the expenses, risk of prosecution and other time consuming legal complications.