Scrap Immigration Cap

In a much needed surprising and yet refreshing move, prominent Tory politician Mark Field has spoken out against the Tory obsession with immigration publicly. Condemning the string of controversial changes and amendment brought about by the Home Secretary Theresa May and the Minister of State for Immigration, James Brokenshire, he has criticized the Tory party’s excessive aggressiveness on the immigration issue. He blames the party for trying to ‘out Ukip Ukip’. The United Kingdom Independence Party had instituted a large number of well thought out, sensible plans that it executed in a methodical manner to significantly drive down immigration.

Ever since assuming power, the Tory Party has been trying to beat the United Kingdom Independence Party, with disastrous results. They have tackled the immigration problem in a senseless callous manner which has made many question their intellectual integrity. They have always managed to cause a great stir be it the “Immigrants Go Home” vans or James Brokenshire’s intellectually barren speech. The Tory Party is now very worried since it has become obvious that they will not be able to meet their campaign promise of driving down immigration to the tens of thousands since the Treasury has officially released a report saying that next years, a hundred and fifty thousand immigrants are expected to call the United Kingdom their new home.

Mark Field has launched a group to tackle the David Cameron led government’s senseless relentless barrage against immigrants. He calls it the ‘Conservatives for Managed Migration’. It has been launched within the party and as the name suggests, comprises mostly of Conservative Party members who have moderate, realistic views about immigration. The group is campaigning within the Conservative Party to ask the Prime Minister to change his approach towards immigration procedures. The group is spearheaded by Mark Field and is fast gaining momentum. Many Conservative members have allegedly supported the Managed Migration Group.

Mark Field made some very good convincing arguments which have been very obvious to everyone except the Conservative Party, for a long time now. He explained that the United Kingdom is a country of businesses and innovation. The new immigration laws wrongfully target the very people that the country needs more of. Citing the example of students and entrepreneurs who were unable to enter the United Kingdom due to immigration issues, he expressed deep regret that Britain’s borders may actually be keeping out the brightest and the best in their fields while serving as a leaking sieve for anti – social elements and common criminals. Another interesting point he made was that these immigrants may one day turn into voters. He conveyed that a majority of immigrants believed in the ideals of the Conservative Party, but were so put off by their unreasonably tough stance on immigration, that they made it a point not to vote for them.

At least one Conservative Party member has seen the light. It is heartening to see that he has managed to rally support from others. Maybe, things will change.