The Dark Millions

Gone are the days that discrimination is strongly felt in every foreigner’s lives in a country like United Kingdom. However, back in 1966 a British current affairs program aired a segment discussing the issue called “the race problem”. The segment called the “Dark Million” is based after a series of articles written in the Times. The articles mainly disapproved the rising numbers of foreigners, especially those from the Commonwealth. The most famous line from the said series of article was “The best investment that a Pakistani with TB can make is a one-way ticket to England”.

The Times highlighted the foreignness that was brought about by these immigrants to United Kingdom.

If that same series will be aired or printed in the media today, it will definitely raise controversy and the media firm will be strongly accused of discrimination. As globalization is a wide-spread practice in economy, technology and education, people have become more accepting of everyone’s differences. We welcome diversity believing that working with different people will bring out the best in each other. Nowadays people gain respect through humility, achievement and the contribution to the society. Race is no longer the basis of superiority. Although discrimination still happens, it is easily frowned upon and people will easily call everyone into action to suppress it.

In United Kingdom, there are now millions of immigrants of color and thus they are being labeled as “The Dark Millions”. These people are no longer lumped as a minority and they hold different professions from doctors to engineers, some are thieves. In terms of opportunity, everyone can start from scratch and work his/her way up.

Although the immigration laws in United Kingdom limit the number of non-EU nationals, they are not created on the basis of discrimination. United Kingdom has its own reasons to limit the number of immigrants from economic, population and employment standpoint. EU nationals may have easier time in applying for immigrant status but other nationals are not hindered in applying all together. Once non-EU nationals enter United Kingdom, they have the same opportunity and rights with the British. The immigration laws prevent illegal entry. British citizenship is still up for grabs, it’s just a matter of following the rules to ensure that application follows standards.