What to Do if You Fail the Life in The UK Exam

What if I Fail Life in the UK Test – Retake Options

What if I Fail Life in the UK Test Counties Of Great BritainIf you take a life in the UK exam, you will have the results as soon as the test session is done. The test manager will announce whether you pass or you fail. The passing mark is approximately 75%. If you pass the exam, the test manager will hand you the pass notification letter. The letter includes information about the test date, the test manager, test centre location as well as a special ID number. When you successfully finished the application for the citizenship or the indefinite leave to remain, you must attach the pass notification letter given to you by your test manager and submit them to a Home Office. This Home Office will retain the details received from test centers in a given period. Nevertheless, you must be able to send your application immediately after taking the test.

Pass notification letter for the life in UK exam is very essential. You must be able to place it in a certain area where you can remember and keep it until you decide to apply for a citizenship or a settlement of indefinite leave to remain. Once you misplaced or lost the letter, a request for a replacement will not be accepted and the last thing that you can do is to pay and have a retake of the life in the UK exam.

 What if I Fail Life in the UK Test – Retake Procedure

Life in the UK Test Hampton Court and River ThamesUnfortunately If you failed the exam, the test manager will inform you as soon as you complete the test. You must not apply for naturalization as British citizen or indefinite leave to remain if you were not able to obtain a passing mark for the test. Even if you did not pass this time, you can take another test, though you will have to wait for one week to be able to have a retake of the life in the UK exam. If you want to increase your chances of passing, you must carefully read and review the second edition of the “Life in the United Kingdom” handbook. One good means to prepare for the exam is by answering practice questions on several approved websites. You must be able to review it thoroughly, until you are fully confident to answer or take the real life in the UK exam.

When you are ready for the retake, of course you need to book again for a test schedule at your chosen test centre. When you figure out that the reason you did not pass the exam is your English communication skills, then you may want to attend a combined English Language and citizenship sessions that can be found on local education colleges. You must take this option if you want to pass the Life in UK exam.

Being a British citizen can be a very challenging stage in one’s life. Settling in UK is one of the greatest achievements that you can be proud of. No pain, no gain. The splendor of becoming a British citizen is worth all the tedious process you undergo in taking a life in the UK exam.

UK immigration rules are becoming more and more complicated by the day. Stop delaying ! Take the Life in the UK exam now and take control of your future.

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