£14million compensation paid to immigrants due to their illegal detention in Britain

The data was discovered by Sarah Teather who claimed that people were being inhumanely detained by the Home Office beyond the time limit.
Over £14million was offered as a form of compensation to migrants for their illegal detention over the period of the past thirty-six months.
This data was revealed by Sarah Teather a Lib-Dem MP who claims that the Home Office treatment was inhumane to people who were detained beyond the time limit, leading to high destructive costs to their minds and emotions.
Now presently serving as the chair of a detention enquiry, the former minister of Coalition stated that the payouts revealed that the Home Office were not able to abide by their own policies and rules.

Ms. Teather had stated that the United Kingdom was the only nation in the European Union that did not possess any given limitations to the time or periods that related to the length for which individuals can be detained for immigration but it looked as though the Home Office were comfortable with rather keeping people in detention for as long as they desired instead of offering them more humane treatment, even though this procedure was always bound to result in taxpayers paying millions of pounds for the procedure.

She further stated that these data that were being studied should not to be allowed to erase from the reviewer’s mind of the significant amount of mental and emotional costs that the detainees were forced to face as a result of a person not really knowing their fate as regards the length of their detention, or if they were going to face deportation the next day, of transferred several miles away from where they were to a different centre for detainees.
James Brokenshire the minister for immigration stated that between 2011 and 2012 at least £4.5million was disbursed, with the figure increasing in 2012 and 2013 to £5million, before it dropped in 2013 and 2014 to £4.8million.
The statistics have arisen amidst the Government facing criticism of its unflinching resolve last month to continue to permit Serco the large outsourcing firm to keep on maintaining a centre for immigration detention for women. This is a decision which has been viewed by many as very controversial.

In Bedfordshire Yarls Wood has been criticized heavily by campaigners of human rights in the midst of reports and allegations of sexual misbehavior by their officials, female detainees being held for prolonged and unjustifiable periods of time, and some detainees who were pregnant being detained with no justification.
Aside from the country Greece, the United Kingdom made most use of detaining seekers of asylum in the Europe in the year 2013, with over 30,000 seekers of asylum spending considerable periods in detention, with at least 2,796 of such persons being in detention as at 31 December. This revelation came as a result of a statistics report released last month from the think tank Centre Forum.