5 Greatest myths about Life in the UK test

One of the greatest myths about the training for the Life in the UK test is that it has to be face to face. Just think about it… it’s all about the final test, it’s all about getting 18 questions correct. So all you have to do it answer 18 question correctly, you can even get 6 questions wrong and still pass the test. But when you are at the test centre do you think that you are going be to face to face with another human or are you going to be sitting in front of a computer and facing that computer, and doing your test?

just think about it carefully, take your time, because most of the people think face to face is the best way to study and prepare for this test. Which is absolute madness and stupidity. What you need to do is get ready for the real test by studying under the same conditions. Which is what we do in our course get ready for the test in just 5 hours or less! from the time we start the first lesson until the end of the last lesson!

2. The next myth is that Have to Read the official guide book (also known as the handbook), Time and time again, when people who have failed more than 10 times, come to me the common thing in all of them is that they have relied on this book! There is a lot of marketting going on for that book. Just to prove this borrow a copy from the library and try reading Chapter 3… Zzzzzz….zzzz…zzz Yes that’s right you will fall asleep before you read 3 pages!. So in summary the main Reason for people failing the test is this book! the other reasons are all the CDs, apps and other things that would take your money and time but will never deliver results. They will end up cluttering your space and messing up your head as well.

The only time I recommend that you read this book is If you have sleeping problems like insomnia then I highly recommend reading this book, so that you can fall asleep without any problems. But please do consult a medical professional because I am not one!!!

3. It has to take many hours..of studying to pass the test.  5 hours  is not enough. You Need 18..20 or more hours. This is a very common concern of people who are trying to get ready for the test. They think spending 8 or 20 hours is a must and that will make you pass. This is absolutely stupid. These random numbers are used by people who try to sell you very expensive courses in the range of £200-£300 or even more! They have to find a way to take your money and keep taking it, and to show that they are doing something for you money, so they just make up these numbers. Or these people simply have no teaching skills, which is why they need that many hours!.

With our training it takes just 5 hours, and once you complete those 5 hours we give a 100% guarantee to tech you until you pass. some people finish in just 3 to 4 hours and they pass the test. So if you Do not value your time and money, then you can always sign up for a lengthy course and not even get a 100% guarantee to teach you until you pass.

4. Paying  £200-£300 or even more! is better than paying just £55. this is crazy, we have put a lot of effort into keeping this low price and just see the results and comment we get on a daily basis What our students say about us!

If you are not sure about  a training program or if you are thinking about it.. just let me know i will check it out for you.

Do you know that you can achieve what you thought was impossible in just a few days or even just a few hours with my help at Pass in Just 5 Hours