6 Truths about Immigration

Immigration is a touchy subject in United Kingdom. Next to politics, it is mostly debated and makes headlines especially if there are new rules added to the complex Immigration laws. To those people who really want to dig deep to fully understand immigration, here are 6 truths that might be interesting.

  1. Britain is not overcrowded.

Although London, its capital is densely populated, it is not the accurate representation of how many citizens are there in the entire country. There are still parts of Scotland, Wales Northern Ireland that has very few people inhabiting. The country almost has endless acres of land so it is quite impossible for Britain to be overpopulated.

  1. Population does not rise due to immigration.

Immigration is not the main contributor to the spike in population. There are more births than deaths in United Kingdom. To give a number to this fact, from 2011-2012, there were 254,000 babies born while there were only 165,000 immigrants who relocated in United Kingdom. Even if no other nationals will migrate in United Kingdom, with the rate of babies being born technically the country will not yet face the issue of overcrowding considering the vast lands still uninhabited or undeveloped.

  1. House prices do not go up due to immigration.

Simply put, the more immigrants are there in the area the higher possibility that house prices will go down.

  1. Jobs are not being taken by Immigrants.

Although in the field of Information Technology, companies hire immigrants but it is mainly for the reason that British citizens lack the skill for the said line of work. In a study that Ryan Bourne of CPS analyzed he found out that ‘the evidence suggests little overall effect on unemployment or pay’.

  1. Immigration, Free Trade: same thing.

Countries trade goods with one another. If Brits buy French goods, it is the same as number of French relocate to United Kingdom.

  1. Immigrants contribute to tax payments.

Evidence shows that immigrants pay more in tax than your average Brits. They even collect less benefit. So if United Kingdom is bent of reducing its debt, increasing the number of immigrants could be the solution.

These 6 truths can enlighten the misconceptions that people have in general about the effects of immigration in United Kingdom. These facts also aim to broaden the somehow narrow view on immigration.