Are you too old to apply for a British citizenship

Age is one of the factors considered for any types of application. British citizenship application also looks at this aspect to evaluate whether an applicant will be approved or not. In our society although we revere and respect older people, in terms of opportunity the younger ones are given more priority.

Technically, anyone at any age can apply or can be applied for British citizenship. The Home Office website clearly explains the requirements and procedures for the application. There is even a section at the website which explains the procedures on how to apply for British citizenship for minors.

Statistics showing the approval rate for British citizenship relative with age is quite alarming. The approval rates data covered the applications from 2002 to 2012. There is also a difference in the approval rate between genders but it is minimal.

Out of the total grants of 1779489, only 843553 male applicants were awarded with citizenship. This number shows that only 47.40423% were approved for British citizenship within the male category. This means that when these male applicants submitted their application, there is less than 50/50 chance of approval which can be quite disheartening and a bit discouraging to those who show interest in applying. The females’ grant rate was slightly better than males but it was still not encouraging. Out of the total grants of 1779489, only 897654 out of those grants were awarded to females. In this category, females had a 50.44448% chance of being awarded with a grant.

The table below will show the number of grant awarded rate relative with age. As it will be noticed, the older the person gets the lower are the chances of being awarded with a grant. Again the numbers showing in the table were the numbers of grants awarded from 2002 to 2012.


Male applicants


Below are the grant percentage rates relative to age within male applicants.


Age Group

Number of Grants


Male Under 1618741822.21769112
Male 16-17214692.5450683
Male 18-24603387.152840426
Male 25-3424125628.59998127
Male 35-4421678525.69903729
Male 45-54780429.251582295
Male 55-59153161.815653551
Male 60-6486391.024120595
Male 65+140971.671145737
Age Unknown1930.022879416


The age bracket of 35-44 had the highest grant rate within the male applicants. It is in this age group that males are at the peak of their career. But the rate drastically dropped as the male population gets older. Males 65 years and older almost had no chance in being approved of a grant. The category under “Age Unknown” will not be analyzed because there are a lot of factors involved why the age was not included or indicated in the application. It is but natural though that the grant rate is almost at 0% because of the lack of very essential information.


Female Applicants

Below are the grant percentage rates relative to age within female applicants.


Age GroupNumber of GrantsPercentage
Female Under 1617993120.04458288
Female 16-17208472.322387022
Female 18-24715747.973450795
Female 25-3428824632.1110361
Female 35-4420558922.90292251
Female 45-54821599.152635648
Female 55-59183842.048005133
Female 60-64106541.186871556
Female 65+198452.210762721
Age Unknown4250.047345637


Looking at the bigger picture, the grant rate for females are higher than males but it is not of a significant percentage. The age bracket of 25-34 had the highest grant rate. Same as the trend with male applicants, grant rate approval drastically drops as the females get older.

The numbers are not really encouraging especially for those people who belong in the older age bracket. But the numbers should not dishearten anyone if an individual really wants to apply for British citizenship. There are agencies that will provide information so that proper procedures will be advised to increase the likelihood of being approved.