Beautys story

We have the ability, experience, knowledge and expertise to help anyone Pass the Life in the UK test on their first attempt! Even if you have failed 2-3 or many more times before! Just look at our fantastic results!

Here is Beauty’s story
She was very busy Looking after 2 noisy and active, kids and cooking and doing household stuff! She could hardly find time to study or to attend classes. Also she had difficulty reading English! But above all she was one of my nicest students, and the friendliest! You can findout how she did at the End…..

Beauty : I’ve been practising online but not soo confident to take the test yet
James : That is quite common that’s why we have this training program

Beauty : Am absolutely it the same as the once in the email?
James : That’s what many think because we have offered training for 8 years now, but this training is significantly DIFFERENT from our free Email couse! Of couse we use the material from the same Official book, but the way we prepare you in Private training ( is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT! Also This is private one to one tuition 🙂 with myself (James)

Beauty : Ok so assuming I pay now i can start ASAP?
James : Yes

Beauty : Sorry am asking too many questions – just that, i ve payed £230 (to some other company) just for my ESOL course. Which i ve been advised is not worth it. I dnt want it happing again.hope understand?
James : Absolutely! 🙂 That’s perfectly understandable, ask as many questions as you like 🙂 no need to apologise 🙂 Also our course is ONLY £49 for the full course!

Beauty : I want to start my life in the uk ASAP pls, i ve read and done a little bit of the online test but am not quite sure if am ready. When can i start the course pls?
James : You can start as soon as you like

Beauty : I can only Skype on my phone & is a bit small is that ok?
James : Absolutely, you can study using almost any phone!

Beauty : Is there any other form I could pay? As i dont want to give my card details
James : you don’t’ have to give your card details to me! it’s paid via paypal, which is the safest way used by millions every day :). I will not have access to your card details also it’s secured with high security encryption

Beauty : I don’t have a PayPal – well I’ll find out and do it.
James : you don’t’ need a paypal account, you can pay with any credit or a debit card, safely

Beauty : whats the guarantee that I’ll Pass the test?
James : no one who attended all sessions has ever failed, in the last 8 years, we have helped 1000s. Also it’s guaranteed because, we will get you ready in just 5 hours, if you fail (which you will not) we will train you until you Pass!

Beauty : When do i start?
James : these are private one to one lessons, scheduled to suit your times

Beauty : as i need to be confident b4 i book the test
James : Absolutely spot on! that’s actually what we do very very effectivey

Beauty : Do i have to book the test or afterwards?
James : it’s better if you do the test soon after our course

Then after she booked the test, she started getting cold feet and unsure!!!!!
Beauty : Hi am having a cold felling on this if if gonna work

So these are the issues we had
Beauty missed lessons
Beauty Arrived late for most lessons
I had to travel for an Emergency but Still I taught her by using skype from an airport lounge 🙂
On the last day of her course (the day before her test) I discovered that she had trouble reading English!!!!

I was getting unhappy with her about, her missing classes and always being late for classes. But in the final 2 sessions, I made sure that she had the necessary knowledge to Pass her test (on her first attempt).

She still was not sure….
Beauty : Yep am much confident now Not yet 100 %
and then the results came!!!!!
[21/11/2014 21:16:39] beauty: Am flabbergasted! OMG i pass !!
[21/11/2014 21:19:52] beauty: Thanks for your amazing teaching.God bless u.x
[21/11/2014 21:53:05] James Hall (Life in the UK Test): You are very welcome 🙂
[21/11/2014 21:53:13] James Hall (Life in the UK Test): I am impressed 🙂

So another success! So many questions, so many doubts, but a great pass and a very very nice student! It was very pleasant to work with her! And I wish all the very best for her future!

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