Boris Johnson Attacks UK’s Immigration and Asylum Policies

 He argues that most of them are contributing to the economy, but since they do not have papers and are not registered, they don’t pay taxes. According to him, it is crazy that they do not pay for the benefits, NHS and social service.

Why is Boris against the UK’s Immigration and Asylum Policies

Johnson is against the immigration and asylum policies of the British Government and has unleashed his strongest attack on it. He prefers an immigration amnesty act because not only does it attract new immigrants, but it is also crazy to continue with the British government’s policies.

One of the cases that really fuelled his anger about the British Government’s policies on immigration is the depressing case of Yashka Bageerathi, the Mauritian student who wasn’t able to take her A-level exams since she was deported two months before her exams. The people from Bageerathi’s community knew her well and were against her deportation, but they had no choice, because that is what the law says.

He says that if the government is really serious about keeping the immigration policies, they should track down these immigrants who have no documents and registration, gather them all and send them to their homelands. He argues that such a thing will not work. According to him, they need not look further than the sad case of Bageerathi from Yarl’s Wool.

Johnson has also been very negative about the recent advertised campaign from Home Office that told all the illegal and undocumented immigrants to go back to their home UK’s Immigration and Asylum Policiescountries.

Johnson suggests that they could either follow his suggestion to give the immigrants British Citizenships or they could continue with the current immigration policies and asylum policies and deport hundreds of thousands to almost a million people in the UK who already have settled in the country. These people have friends and neighbours and have really adapted to life in the UK and the government could not just collect them all and take away all that they have in the UK and deport them to their original countries.

He was also against the moves from the government to limit immigration outside of Europe.

He cited Sir Ernest Rutherford who split the atom in Cambridge as an example of great minds from abroad who came to stay in the UK. Sir Rutherford was a New Zealander, but in the last few years, the number of New Zealanders in the UK has reduced 60% compared to before.

Johnson started supporting the amnesty for illegal immigrants since his 2008 campaign for mayor but has been quiet on the subject of immigration amnesty until now.

People like Johnson, who prefer a more lenient approach to immigration because the pledge of the coalition government to keep immigration to tens of thousands was not kept, is taking a stand against the crazy and illogical policies on immigration by the British Government.