British Afraid of 26 Million Immigrants Wanting their Jobs

Although the world is divided into multiple countries, humanity is not hindered or prevented to help others as well as to receive help from others. Basically, each country, especially those included in multi-nation organizations, is receiving assistance and “friendliness” from the others. However, there are some cases wherein a nation might perceive that spending most of its time to helping someone is impeding its own growth and development as a country. As a result, it might consider proceeding forward on its own for its “selfish” advantages.
The aforementioned case is very similar to a recent event and circumstance in the United Kingdom. One of Britain’s United Kingdom Independence Party initiated the posting of its election campaign posters. Some of its messages were found by some people as disturbing and appalling. What the message basically conveys to the people is that allied nations of the United Kingdom are taking advantage of the jobs available for them in the country. As a result, the people of UK lose their possible positions for work and job opportunities since the people from other European countries get it instead of them.
United Kingdom is a part of the European Union countries which is formed to help each other out all the time. Moreover, these immigrants to UK from other European countries have the right to live in UK. Due to this, one message said that there are over 26 million people in Europe who are looking for jobs.
These messages lead to arguments heating over the media. According to Mike Gapes, these messages from UKIP generate heat and hatred towards immigrants. Additionally, legislator Nicholas Soames said that the messages are offensive and created by ignorant people. In reply, the leader of the Party Nigel Farage stated that the messages are just mere reflections of the reality. They are somewhat light-giving to the minds of the people. Surprisingly, the number of people agreeing with the messages is fast increasing. This may result to the Britons being perceived as selfish people and haters of the immigrants.
As a matter of fact, there are about 2 million people from other European countries currently living in Britain. However, less than those figures is the number of UK citizens currently living in other European countries.
Another billboard from UKIP illustrated the burning of yellow and blue flag in the Union Jack with a slogan asking about the real runner of the country. This may be considered as a rebellious act however, Farage stated that their party is not against the union of the European countries and that in fact, they wanted to improve those bonds. Their only argument is that UKIP is not the only party since other Euroskeptic parties are greatly progressing in Europe.
The party currently has no seats in the Britain’s House of Commons and is expecting to have one or more in the elections which will be held on May 22. If this goal of them is accomplished, they will proceed to accomplish their other agendas, in which they said as to improving the union and relationship of the European countries.