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Benefits for New immigrants

Benefits for New immigrants limited to 3 months of welfare

A new policy headed by the Tory party seeks to defend against the “magnetic pull” benefit system
New immigrants who have just entered Britain will only be able to claim 3 months of benefits, says David Cameron.
The PM says that this is in an effort to reduce the amount of immigrants in the country who have the ‘wrong reasons’ to be there.
He stated that the “magnetic pull of Britain’s benefit system” pulls people from countries within the EU to stay unemployed.

The party has come under fire recently over Cameron’s pressure to reduce the immigration rates by “tens of thousands” – chiefly from opposition party member Ed Miliband, who was scathing of the PM’s attempt to match the rhetoric of the UKIP party, who have been slowly gaining votes as the decade grows in age, mainly due to what was an admittedly relaxed view of immigration by both parties.

However, many have accused Cameron’s attempts at limiting immigration a way of ‘hiding’ the fact that he possess only a small amount of control over the immigration system due to EU laws which allow free movement within all membership states.

Benefits for New immigrantsThe pressure to live up to his own words is increasing as the Tory party seems to lose votes in every direction, making Labour, for the first time, not the only true competition.
During one of his speeches, Cameron promised to “reduce immigration by the tens of thousands”

EU policy has made this more easily said than done, with the PM sternly stating his agenda as not anti European Union, he suggested curbing immigration in other ways before offering a referendum to the public if he is voted in again in the next general election.

An “increasingly generous, no questions asked welfare system” has been under pressure to be reformed for a long time now, Labour leader Ed Miliband says, reminding the public that he had highlighted the issue months ago.

There has not been much talk about what the immigrants will do when the benefits come to a close, with special cases such as disability or young or ill children being ignored for the moment.

For some, the statement seems still like a pipe dream – taking no exact form at the minute.
Cameron has been criticised for being slow to act upon this issue, however, much has been happening in the last months, with wars raging across the world, the PM has had to spend time within the world community as the frontman of the EU, actively taking an aggressive stance against the Putin-backed Ukraine crisis and the Syrian civil war, in which he suggested more action be taken in both situations, working in close partnership with US president Obama, who is being faced with what seems closer to Cold War behaviour than modern society.

Nonetheless, internal affairs need take priority in many cases, and although his decisions are being criticised by many parties for being too soft, some migrants who honestly need the system will no doubt suffer.