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recovering from recession

UK economy leaves recession in the dust
In 2008, we entered one of the largest recessions of the history of the United Kingdoms.
For years, we struggled under harsh conditions, with an inflated unemployment rate and high-street stores falling under, leaving towns bare and empty of shoppers.
Now, for the first time, we can claim that as a nation, we are leaving those dark days behind.
The Chancellor George Osborne cites : “We’ve reached a major milestone in our economic plan.”
With varying predictions of growth this year, the IMF shifted their prediction from 2.8% to an impressive 3.2%, which would put Britain very high in the charter of economic growth of developed nations, something which we could not have claimed for many years.
All over the country, talk has shifted to a lighter shade; now of recovery, spending, growth.
However, Osborne warned “not to repeat the mistakes of the past”, suggesting that we should take a more controlled approach toward growth.
It is worth noting that the only sector that has actually reached this point is the service sector, however, the sector takes up a monstrous 78% of the economy and it is assured the rest will follow sooner or later.
Secretary Ed Balls said: “This is no time to make complacent claims that the economy is fixed.”
Indeed, we are still on the long road to recovery, which may take years still.

Factors such as population growth mean that per head, we are still poorer than we were in 2008.
Although this may not be the time to lay down our mice and rejoice, the fact that we are making such a fast recovery is an subject of pride to any member of society that has toiled to earn back money, space and happiness.
The relationship between the economic state of a nation and it’s citizen’s quality of life suggests that soon, we will begin to feel the recovery in our wallets, there will be declines in many crimes and some mental illnesses such as depression, which are always positive to society.

The main reason for recovering from recession

UK recovering from resession - Business district Canary wharfThis recovery is due to increases in export, more efficient business and generally optimised conduction over the way the country runs.
Companies, both national and international, have been creating jobs which bring valuable circulation to the heart of the economy.
The global financial crisis of 2008 is considered the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.
It resulted in the threat of collapse to many massive businesses and the closure of thousands of small and medium sized business, both independent and dependant upon larger umbrella cooperations.

recovering from recession also known as the The second Great Depression!!!

It is generally considered that the bursting of a U.S housing bubble in 2006 laid seeds for the later crisis.
It lead to the 2008 onwards global recession which has been dubbed by some as “The second Great Depression”.
The liquidation of several large companies sent unemployment higher than usual, causing strain to national support systems across all affected nations and pressuring many families to the point of breaking.
I, for one, am glad that it’s all coming to a close.

On the public view of immigration

What is the the public view of immigration ?

While some see progress toward equality in our modern times, other’s can’t.
I was in a bar a few weeks ago, when from behind i hear the slurred, drunken words of an angry man, claiming that the “Polish had stolen all ‘our’ work, that they aren’t welcome here in the UK”.
For 10 minutes, he pushes his points in a disorganised fashion, spilling larger as he gestures dramatically. He had a lot of anger toward this ‘Polish workforce’.
Is that all they are? A workforce?
Of course, it would be ridiculous to assume that everyone with that view was a steaming drunk, the reality is that there is no such thing as ‘a racist’, as much as there is a single dimension to anyone. Perhaps we are beginning to forget that. In the same way, nobody can singularly identify as being ‘English’ or “Indian”, they possess qualities that far exceed their nationality or creed, which is part, but not all of them.
Immigration through both open borders in the E.U and closed through international areas has allowed many cultural and ethnic minorities access to the United Kingdoms.
13% of the British population possess a separate ethnicity to ‘white’. However, only 1.6% of the population are immigrants from Eastern Europe.
I think that the way to curve racism in this country is to simply break down the illusion of ‘the Polish workforce’ or the ‘Chinese immigrants’.
There is no ‘us and them’.
There are indeed immigrants who have a negative view of the native population; less, but the process works both ways. After all, there are some facts that we must all accept.
Right now,  the flow of immigration into our country, people who are screened and accepted as safe, genuine and hard working human beings are allowed in to work and succeed.
Of course, voting for a party which would leave the E.U would curb this, but herein lies the second, and most important point…
They are already with us.
The ‘immigrants’ that some people cite as the cause of a plethora of socio-economic issues are citizens of our country, just like us.
In no civil society could we deport someone who has earned citizenship, someone who contributes to our country, because they sport a different nationality.
Would we..?
Let’s remember that as of July, we have escaped recession. We’re improving as a collective nation.

Negative public view of immigration

To those who have anti-immigration views, please understand that although you may think this whole article perhaps, too simplistic, let me propose something…
Our country is growing, hopefully, it will continue to into the future.
Get to know your neighbours, not in the sense of housing, but in the sense that we all live in the same backyard. We see each other every day. Accept, fully, they are exactly the same as you, they work, they go home to a loving family. Some make mistakes, many don’t.
Schoolchildren who school in multicultural areas are, by the majority, pro-immigration and very accepting of those cultures.
That’s because they know the people on a human level.
The worst thing we can do is draw lines within a country which faces so many external struggles and debates; the best thing to do is to unite together and work as a unit to improve conditions for us all and ultimately grow our nation into further prosper and success.

Boris Johnson Attacks UK’s Immigration and Asylum Policies

 He argues that most of them are contributing to the economy, but since they do not have papers and are not registered, they don’t pay taxes. According to him, it is crazy that they do not pay for the benefits, NHS and social service.

Why is Boris against the UK’s Immigration and Asylum Policies

Johnson is against the immigration and asylum policies of the British Government and has unleashed his strongest attack on it. He prefers an immigration amnesty act because not only does it attract new immigrants, but it is also crazy to continue with the British government’s policies.

One of the cases that really fuelled his anger about the British Government’s policies on immigration is the depressing case of Yashka Bageerathi, the Mauritian student who wasn’t able to take her A-level exams since she was deported two months before her exams. The people from Bageerathi’s community knew her well and were against her deportation, but they had no choice, because that is what the law says.

He says that if the government is really serious about keeping the immigration policies, they should track down these immigrants who have no documents and registration, gather them all and send them to their homelands. He argues that such a thing will not work. According to him, they need not look further than the sad case of Bageerathi from Yarl’s Wool.

Johnson has also been very negative about the recent advertised campaign from Home Office that told all the illegal and undocumented immigrants to go back to their home UK’s Immigration and Asylum Policiescountries.

Johnson suggests that they could either follow his suggestion to give the immigrants British Citizenships or they could continue with the current immigration policies and asylum policies and deport hundreds of thousands to almost a million people in the UK who already have settled in the country. These people have friends and neighbours and have really adapted to life in the UK and the government could not just collect them all and take away all that they have in the UK and deport them to their original countries.

He was also against the moves from the government to limit immigration outside of Europe.

He cited Sir Ernest Rutherford who split the atom in Cambridge as an example of great minds from abroad who came to stay in the UK. Sir Rutherford was a New Zealander, but in the last few years, the number of New Zealanders in the UK has reduced 60% compared to before.

Johnson started supporting the amnesty for illegal immigrants since his 2008 campaign for mayor but has been quiet on the subject of immigration amnesty until now.

People like Johnson, who prefer a more lenient approach to immigration because the pledge of the coalition government to keep immigration to tens of thousands was not kept, is taking a stand against the crazy and illogical policies on immigration by the British Government.

Children ‘Kept from Parents’ at Center for Failed Asylum Seekers

Perhaps one of the worst possible things that could happen to a person is to be separated from his family whom has helped him develop and grow up into a strong individual no matter what his age is. Moreover, if a child is to be separated from his family, no matter how long, can negatively affect him and may occur as his nightmares for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, this circumstance is occurring in the United Kingdom, a country where most people are longing to live.

Failed asylum seekers, mostly immigrants from different countries, usually have their whole family with them: parents and children. However, such immigrants who do not possess citizenship or other legal documents are to be deported, according to the laws of immigration in UK. Before deportation, these immigrants are to be detained in detention facilities. Unfortunately, according to some reports, failed asylum seekers are separated from their parents as a means of control over immigration. On Alison Worsley’s defense, stated that children are only separated from their parents only if their parents are dangerous to them or due to some other valid reasons. However, according to Bernardo’s, this act of forceful separation between the parents and the children are carried out as a means to have a weapon against individuals who try to commit unlawful acts. Their report also added that they who value welfare are against this kind of act since children, especially those who are young, should not be separated from their parents as this may cause negative effects on them, both physically and mentally.

There is a policy about this act of separation between members of the family of a failed asylum seeker about the limit to the time when children are to be separated from their parents. However, according to the report, this policy is being stepped on by the government acts since cases wherein the time of separation between the child and parents exceeds the limit. Furthermore, there are cases wherein the children and parents are deported in different flights. As a result, the organization valuing the welfare of people suggested to the government that it should treat the separation of family members as a serious case and should only be carried out on times when it is really needed.

The report also added that during the process of capturing the families of failed asylum seekers, large teams of policemen wearing whole-body armor with weapons clenched in their fists are the ones who do the capturing. According to Bernardo’s, this act is very intimidating to the whole family especially to the children. Hence, Bernardo’s suggested to the government that the process of getting these failed asylum seekers should involve a less intimidating process wherein policemen should not wear heavy armor, carry large weapons, and bring vehicles indicating that they are high-profile authorities.

These suggestions of Bernardo’s really make sense in terms of how the failed asylum seekers should be treated. They are the people who may have experienced very disturbing and terrible events from places they may have escaped from. They should be handled with care and not be treated like wild dogs that should be ousted away.

The British Woman who had her Passport taken away

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the holiday lasted longer than planned. Jean Gander made a trip to her home country in Zambia to visit her family. Jean grew up in Zambia and did not expect to be there 15 months after her visit. Due to unfortunate circumstances, she is still in Zambia along with her two kids because of a bureaucratic chaos.
Jean is the daughter of a Zambian woman and a British man and was issued a British Passport when she was studying in the UK in 1992. Seven years after that, she met Frank Neumann who became her husband.
Frank Neumann was involved in a biking accident and was advised by his physiotherapist to join a gym in the local town of Kentish Town.
He said that the pair met when he was exercising at the gym. He declared that meeting Jean was the silver lining in his cloud. Jean was exercising with the running machine when her eyes sat up on the Swiss commodities dealer.
She declared that she saw a tall guy; she is tall herself so she was attracted and a conversation started.
Within a couple of years after that first conversation, the couple got married, moved in together and had kids. They change their residence to Russell Square when Jean took a job offer in Harrods.
In January of last year, Jean paid her family in Zambia a visit and she brought the kids along. During her short stay, disaster struck. She made a decision to stay longer on her trip after she found out that her sister had cancer. Her passport was about to be expired so she went for a renewal.
Jean said her brother told her not to renew her passport there, he had renewed his own in London. He told him that she was not hiding anything and that she had renewed her passport twice before in London and it was not a problem. She figured she would do it there; it was due to be expired in two months.
However for unexplainable reasons, her case was perceived as a stolen passport and not a renewal. In 1967 Jean was born in Zambia, she did not have a birth certificate so she sent a baptism certificate. On this document was her African name, which was Christine Chibwe Chenda. This name had never been a problem when she had renewed her passport in London, but it has now caused a problem in Zambia.
Frank stated that they treated his wife as a fraud. The officials were asking for details such as the school she attended in Zambia, proof that her father was British and lots more. They gave them all the proof but Jean had to reapply in Pretoria which took six months. During that time, she had to put her kids into private schools.
Jean said that the fees for school are bad but will still send them to private school. After applying to the office in Pretoria, the application was rejected on the basis that she was unable to be linked to her parents. Now Jean is stuck in Zambia.
Frank tried to get Frank Dobson, the local MP to help. The MP had sent the Home Office a letter, however they asked for more documents. The British Government was not forthcoming with help for one of its citizen. Frank tried to get his wife a Swiss passport but Jean had to be living with him. Frank is trying to get Jean in the UK on the basis of his European rights to live with his wife. Once this materializes, they will apply again for the British passport.
Jean is frustrated, the kids need their dad and she needs her husband. Jean said that London is her home and not Zambia.



British Afraid of 26 Million Immigrants Wanting their Jobs

Although the world is divided into multiple countries, humanity is not hindered or prevented to help others as well as to receive help from others. Basically, each country, especially those included in multi-nation organizations, is receiving assistance and “friendliness” from the others. However, there are some cases wherein a nation might perceive that spending most of its time to helping someone is impeding its own growth and development as a country. As a result, it might consider proceeding forward on its own for its “selfish” advantages.
The aforementioned case is very similar to a recent event and circumstance in the United Kingdom. One of Britain’s United Kingdom Independence Party initiated the posting of its election campaign posters. Some of its messages were found by some people as disturbing and appalling. What the message basically conveys to the people is that allied nations of the United Kingdom are taking advantage of the jobs available for them in the country. As a result, the people of UK lose their possible positions for work and job opportunities since the people from other European countries get it instead of them.
United Kingdom is a part of the European Union countries which is formed to help each other out all the time. Moreover, these immigrants to UK from other European countries have the right to live in UK. Due to this, one message said that there are over 26 million people in Europe who are looking for jobs.
These messages lead to arguments heating over the media. According to Mike Gapes, these messages from UKIP generate heat and hatred towards immigrants. Additionally, legislator Nicholas Soames said that the messages are offensive and created by ignorant people. In reply, the leader of the Party Nigel Farage stated that the messages are just mere reflections of the reality. They are somewhat light-giving to the minds of the people. Surprisingly, the number of people agreeing with the messages is fast increasing. This may result to the Britons being perceived as selfish people and haters of the immigrants.
As a matter of fact, there are about 2 million people from other European countries currently living in Britain. However, less than those figures is the number of UK citizens currently living in other European countries.
Another billboard from UKIP illustrated the burning of yellow and blue flag in the Union Jack with a slogan asking about the real runner of the country. This may be considered as a rebellious act however, Farage stated that their party is not against the union of the European countries and that in fact, they wanted to improve those bonds. Their only argument is that UKIP is not the only party since other Euroskeptic parties are greatly progressing in Europe.
The party currently has no seats in the Britain’s House of Commons and is expecting to have one or more in the elections which will be held on May 22. If this goal of them is accomplished, they will proceed to accomplish their other agendas, in which they said as to improving the union and relationship of the European countries.

How Recent Changes Affect Your UK Migration

The United Kingdom is indeed a place that most people see as a paradise. This perspective is evidently seen on polls, surveys, and reports which describe the metropolis as one of the most wanted locations where people all over the world want to live. However, people with such desire cannot easily get what they want especially because of the country’s rule regarding immigration and tourism. Recently, the UK has amended some of its policies and rules on immigration resulting to a change in how people will access their longing to transfer in this most wanted metropolis.

As of April 6, 2014, there have been amendments regarding visas for immigrants in the United Kingdom. Some of the most important changes have been made concerning the tier 1 and tier 2 programs, and the visas for dependents.

First is the tier 2 program all about sponsoring or allowing a foreigner who has skills in several fields to be allowed to stay and work in UK. There are limited slots for this kind of visa however; if the slots will not be filled up entirely by the selected ones or prioritized ones, other people who want to settle and work in UK can take advantage of the opportunity. Furthermore, the employer who wants to send or accept a foreigner to work within UK needs to pass several requirements including the salary threshold. Those people who have Certificate of Sponsorship starting from April 6 onwards have their salary threshold increase by 0.9 percent. On the other hand, those people who have their Certificate of Sponsorship before April 6 will adhere to their previous salary threshold. Additionally, to those people who want to retain in the tier 2 program but will go on a leave, are allowed to have a maximum leave of five years instead of the current three years. However, it will be paid on a higher fee.

Second is the Tier 1 program which focuses on providing visas to people with exceptional talent or skills. Before the recent amendment, people with exceptional talents are defined as the ones recognized internationally in several fields such as arts, digital technology, medicine, engineering, humanities, and science. However, after the amendment, several fields and special circumstances and considerations were added to this particular program. Such case is the talents in fields related to the Tech City in UK who will give 200 endorsements.

Lastly, foreign dependents to their spouses currently working in the United Kingdom are subjected to more restrictions. Unlike before where spouses of these UK foreign workers can easily migrate and settle in UK, the recent amendments made this circumstance a lot tighter. Such amendments include the Point-Based System where migrants are evaluated through their specific status quos and given points based on certain judgments. The total points will then be the determinant if the applicants are allowed to transfer and settle in UK with the person they are depending on.

Although the recent changes to the visa-related policies in UK may seem a little bit harsh and made tighter, it does not mean that negative effects will continuously occur. These changes may be done primarily for the best of all, both the citizens of UK and the people wanting to live in there.


Why Adnan and Audrey Can Teach Us about Being a British Citizen

There are so many reasons why people of different nationalities want to live in London – rich culture, literature, and history, delicious foods, romantic locations, liberal traditions, the royalties, uncorrupted democracy, rule of law, free education, and many more. However, it seems that people are starting to lose their interest in living and becoming a part of this highly-looked upon country due to several reasons like the degradation of some British policies for rights and discrimination to immigrants and foreigners who wanted or who have become citizens of Britain.

A British Induction ceremony was recently held in one of the high fashion dome-shaped auditorium in London. This ceremony marks the changing lives of several people by becoming British citizens. The ceremony runs for only less than 10 minutes where applicants swore to an oath while the national anthem plays.

One of them was Adnan Alrashid who came from Kuwait and was very excited that he dropped his certificate. He said that he wanted to live in London since there is a strong sense of rights in there and that everyone can say and do what their hearts tell them to do or say so. Another one is Audrey Houston Thomas from Jakarta whose reason was that there is a lot of opportunity waiting for her in this country. Abdul Hadi, who came from Afghanistan, stated that there is justice in London and that it is safe country.

Numerous people with different nationalities: Romanian, Filipino, Somali, Pakistani, Brazilian, and Australian; were very thrilled and enthusiastic as if they have won the lottery. This may be due to several reasons like the one mentioned above and also to experience something new with their lives or just to escape from a terrible or war-devoured country where they may have come from.

However, according to some studies conducted by the NatCen Social Research, the number of people wanting to become British citizens has decreased for the past decade. Last ten years, up to 43% of these people stated that they were “very proud” of being British citizens. But right now, it is only 35%. Moreover, most of these proud people are the old ones with the middle aged ones at the middle, and the younger ones who stated that they are “not proud” of being a British citizen.

This may leave any British citizens reading this wondering why people are starting to lose their interest in their country. According to NatCen, the primary reason for this may be due to the events that degraded the patriotic fervor there was in Britain. Wars and similar events are one of them. Moreover, discrimination to foreigners who became British citizens is a major reason also. They are treated as if they are burdens to the society and as if they are sucking the life out of Britain.

The aforementioned circumstance really is alarming and unfortunate. But the main solution for this may be to learn from the lessons of the past and not to ponder on past events of the history. It may also be a bog help to treat each other equally like everyone are siblings. According to Sudheer Dara, an immigrant from India seven years ago, he loved London for its diverse culture and numerous new things to try out. This perspective of him is really fascinating and should be preserved.


Stripped of His UK citizenship, now in Solitary Confinement

The United Kingdom currently faces several problems especially regarding its immigration rules. One of them is the power of the government to strip of or remove a UK citizenship of a person when that person becomes a threat to the society. This rule may sound judicial and just since it is a punishment for wrongdoing. However, numerous people, even the citizens of the same country, are complaining that stripping of citizenship of a person is a very inhumane act. Recently, the world was bombarded with reports regarding the removal of citizenship of a man in UK whom is also being confined in a large busy metropolis- New York.

Mahdi Hashi is currently being locked in his cell in one of the correctional facilities in Manhattan, New York for being alleged as a terrorist in UK. He is locked for 23 hours a day and only allowed to call his parents for a brief moment once a month. Sometime in 2012, he heard one of the worst news he could have ever heard, that his citizenship in UK have been revoked. Furthermore, he will suffer for a more lengthy time in his cell since his trial will not begin until February 2015. This very long confinement and detention is described as very inhumane and unjust by reporter Juan Mendez.

When Hashi was 5 years old, he and his family fled Somalia due to a terrible civil war causing them to arrive at UK and seek refugee there. When he was 14 years old, he became a UK citizen. When he was 16 years old, he managed to finish his exams and moved to Egypt to study Arabic with some of his fellowmen also coming from London. However, during his trip, he was accused by the authorities of working with Muslim terrorists in which Hashi constantly denied. As a result, he was deported back to UK and from that point, he claimed that he was being abused and tortured by the British authorities.

However, in May 2009, Hashi and his other four accomplices admitted that they were being pressured and threatened by the Muslims to spy on the British authorities He also added that he was very sick of being pressured and abused by both the Muslim terrorists and the British authorities. He was like between two walls with nowhere to go.

Two men named Mohamed Sakr and Bilal al Berjawi, coming from London and Lebanon respectively, became interests to the British authorities until they were proven to be linked and were parts of the terrorists. Both of them were also linked to Hashi although Hashi’s father said that his son has met them only once or twice. However, Sakr and Berjawi died in Somalia in two US drone strikes. Consequently, several men including Hashi were listed as spies for the Americans causing Hashi to be stripped of his UK citizenship as well as solitary confinement. Hashi tried to convince the authorities that he is not related to any rebellious or terroristic acts but no one listened to him.

According to Mendez, terrorists and similar criminals deserve to be punished and judged based on what they have done. However, he said that the current punishments and treatments suffered by Hashi and related suspects are not just and right and that they should be following the basic and fundamental rights.


Indian Jailed in UK for fake Marriage Racket

Recently, the United Kingdom has faced several problems regarding its immigration rules and concepts which resulted into negative effects to both the people of the country and the immigrants. Certain flaws and loopholes in the immigration laws resulted in a massive entry of immigrants coming from multiple countries. As a result, the UK faced and is still facing several dilemmas and predicaments generated by the criminal behavior and tendencies of both the legal and legal immigrants.

There are immigrants in the UK who work illegally within the metropolis. Some of them do not pay taxes, abuse the care provided to them by the government, and harm the indigenous people either by robbery, treachery, or other wrongdoings. Recently, an Indian man was arrested and sentenced to jail by the British Court for four years and five months due to carrying out illegal operations by faking documents regarding marriage.

According to the Daily Record reports on Friday, the man named Harpal Singh and who is 51 years old admitted to the Cardiff Crown Court in Wales that he and his three other companions are arranging fake marriages throughout Britain. Harpal Singh was arrested last year due to faking documents of marriage and consequently, he was sentenced for four years and 5 months in jail together with the recommendation for deportation.

He also admitted that he required a payment of 5,000 pounds in exchange for arranging fake marriage documents to all women of Czech and students from Asia who are primarily from Nepal, Pakistan, and India. Furthermore, those who ask for his help are mostly men whose visas are expired or will nearly expire.

Unfortunately for him, he was caught at the Registry Office of Cardiff last May for trying to arrange his fake marriage. He was caught when the officers and staffs from the said office saw some flaws and loopholes from his divorce documents. Furthermore, a bag containing some identity cards and marriage packs which are told for fraudulent weddings were recovered from him.

The suspect, Harpal Singh, arrived at Britain in 2006 with a 6-month visa along with his three children and wife. He tried to apply for immigration two times but he failed to receive an approval.

Some of his clients and customers were also arrested and received less severe punishments due to working with him for producing fraudulent documents. One of them is Romana Nistrova, a 23 year old woman from Birmingham, who agreed to have a false wedding, was suspended for a year and required to carry out some community services. Other ones were Haider Ali and Awais Ahmen, both 23 years old from Surrey and London, who paid for fraudulent marriage documents, were jailed for a year but were freed due to the time they spent on remand.

The actions committed y Harpal Singh was considered by the authorities as a strong violation to their immigration rules and their systems for marriage. They also added that Singh has preyed on to women undergoing some problems and that his actions only made those problems worse.