Children ‘Kept from Parents’ at Center for Failed Asylum Seekers

Perhaps one of the worst possible things that could happen to a person is to be separated from his family whom has helped him develop and grow up into a strong individual no matter what his age is. Moreover, if a child is to be separated from his family, no matter how long, can negatively affect him and may occur as his nightmares for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, this circumstance is occurring in the United Kingdom, a country where most people are longing to live.

Failed asylum seekers, mostly immigrants from different countries, usually have their whole family with them: parents and children. However, such immigrants who do not possess citizenship or other legal documents are to be deported, according to the laws of immigration in UK. Before deportation, these immigrants are to be detained in detention facilities. Unfortunately, according to some reports, failed asylum seekers are separated from their parents as a means of control over immigration. On Alison Worsley’s defense, stated that children are only separated from their parents only if their parents are dangerous to them or due to some other valid reasons. However, according to Bernardo’s, this act of forceful separation between the parents and the children are carried out as a means to have a weapon against individuals who try to commit unlawful acts. Their report also added that they who value welfare are against this kind of act since children, especially those who are young, should not be separated from their parents as this may cause negative effects on them, both physically and mentally.

There is a policy about this act of separation between members of the family of a failed asylum seeker about the limit to the time when children are to be separated from their parents. However, according to the report, this policy is being stepped on by the government acts since cases wherein the time of separation between the child and parents exceeds the limit. Furthermore, there are cases wherein the children and parents are deported in different flights. As a result, the organization valuing the welfare of people suggested to the government that it should treat the separation of family members as a serious case and should only be carried out on times when it is really needed.

The report also added that during the process of capturing the families of failed asylum seekers, large teams of policemen wearing whole-body armor with weapons clenched in their fists are the ones who do the capturing. According to Bernardo’s, this act is very intimidating to the whole family especially to the children. Hence, Bernardo’s suggested to the government that the process of getting these failed asylum seekers should involve a less intimidating process wherein policemen should not wear heavy armor, carry large weapons, and bring vehicles indicating that they are high-profile authorities.

These suggestions of Bernardo’s really make sense in terms of how the failed asylum seekers should be treated. They are the people who may have experienced very disturbing and terrible events from places they may have escaped from. They should be handled with care and not be treated like wild dogs that should be ousted away.