Couple involved in “immigration nightmare” as Canadian lady friend is sent away from the country “like a felon”

A tutor who hails from Ogmore-by-Sea expecting to commence his new existence in the UK with his Canadian lady friend is facing months of doubt after her visa request was turned down and she was sent out of the country like a felon.

Thomas Howells and his lover Danielle DeMarsh have spent the last four years working as teachers in New Zealand and Canada. They met while they were both working at a school in Essex sometime in 2010.

However, they decided to return home in order to be closer to Tom’s family. As a result, the duo, who are both 28 years old, got teaching appointments at different schools in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, and then started the procedure of requesting for Danielle’s visa.

Tom who is a Biology teacher then travelled to the UK to find a residence and acquire a motor vehicle for them. Unfortunately, they discovered that Danielle’s request had been turned down as her Welsh lover had failed to supply sufficient evidence of the money he had made while he worked in Canada.

With her lover already on this portion of the Atlantic, Danielle, who also tutors science, claims she was told by UK immigration that she could take a trip to the country for a six-month outing using her Canadian passport and petition the decision when she is in the UK.

But a forthnight ago, the duo were further disappointed when she came in at Heathrow Airport and was informed that she could not come into the country because she might run away.

After a stressful 15 hours of being detained in immigration she was deported back to her homeland. All this time her devoted lover had been wondering why she had not showed up in arrivals with other passengers.

The family of Mr. Thomas back at his family home in Ogmore-by-Sea is now attempting to assist the couple who are petitioning the decision. Their situation is being reviewed by the MP in charge of the area in which they had expected they would have started their new life.

The office for the MP for Chesham Cheryl Gillan agreed that they were doing what they could to help their constituent.
Alan who is Mr. Thomas’ father said that he seriously hopes that support from legislators and the media would assist in giving a quick solution for the duo before it further affects their affair and their quickly reducing finances.

According to him, the visa application had cost them over $2,500 and to organize a home and a car to work in Cheslam, his son Tom had spent over $3,500. In his opinion, Tom could not afford to retain the flat and everything by his self, and to petition the decision has cost them even more funds.
He stated further that Danielle has also been told that although she has a right to petition, that decision could be tainted by the fact that she had tried to come into the country illegitimately even though she actually did not do so because they had informed her that she could go there for a holiday.

In his view, the couple are two professionals who are having a dedicated long-term affair and who are striving to make an decent living and establish a home. They were both hard – working and have done all they did properly, but have been affected by delays and different advice.
For Danielle to be sent out of the country like a felon was completely humiliating and shocking for both of them. It was a trivial issue that was putting a huge burden on them.

According to Richard who is Thomas’ twin brother, they had both got something to give to the country; they both desired to support the education system and the economy.

If she could not get this decision reversed they would both have to go to Canada.

Presently, Tom now has a six-month agreement on the residence and a legal agreement with his school. If she cannot go into the country and he cannot get out of the contractual agreements, they stand to face six long months away from each other.

According to a Home Office official, it was not appropriate to discuss any details as a petition is now being awaited. She confirmed that appeals against visa denials must be done from outside of the UK. All applications were deliberated on their individual qualities and in line with the immigration regulations.