Covering letter for visa sponsorship

Jack Lennon

25 Long Streets



E10 3WA

United Kingdom


+44 777 785 9876

18 June 2013


To The British Consulate General

Visa Office

11th Floor

674 4th Avenue

New Work NW 102



RE: Jenny Lennon

UK Citizen Date of Birth 08 September 1982


Reference Rules for Immigration Paragraphs 277-289


To Officer for Entry Clearance:

I am happy to sponsor Mrs. Jenny Lennon’s application of settlement in the United Kingdom on the rule of marriage.

I am a British national and have been residing in the United Kingdom continuously since birth. I am currently employed as a Scientist with the Ministry of Defense. My annual salary is £83 000 and I have been employed with the MOD since September 2008.

I have been divorce since 2011 and I have a 4 year-old- son who is now living with his mother. Jenny is also divorce since 2010 and has a 5 years-old-daughter who lives with her father.

Jenny and I met at a concert in London in July 2009. Since then have grown close together and we took holiday to the Caribbean on several occasions. We got married in Florida last year with all her families present.

I have provided all the financial requirements and evidence in accordance with Appendix FM-SE in the A category.

I have ownership of our dream house in Bristol and have also included copies of listings from the Land Corporation and mortgage statements.

I have also attached bank statements and evidence of our trip to the Caribbean.

Any other evidence need will be given by Jenny. If you need additional information, please contact me.


Kind Regards

Jack Lennon