Covering Letter for Visa

British Embassy

12 Heart Street




01 February 2014


To: His Excellency the Consul


Re: Visa Application for Visit of settlement for spouse or parent


Dear Sir,


I Zebabu Grant am a Teacher at London High School in London. I have been working there permanently since August 2005. My annual salary is £35 000 and my bonus is £10 000. Other important details for me are:


UK Visa Status: Tier one Skilled Worker

Expiry date for Visa: 30th February 2016

Extension for HSMP: 15th June 2012

Status of Visa Provisions: Skilled Migrant

Issue Date: 12 June 2010

Date of Entry to UK: 10th July 2010


I will sponsor my Wife, Cindy Grant whose passport number is CD 1237653 as a dependent in a visit to the United Kingdom. This visitation period is no longer than 6 months.


Currently, I have my own house at Circle Road, Seven Sisters E31 7QE London where I currently reside. My visitor will also reside at this address during her visit.


I am declaring to take full responsibility in support of my wife during her time in the United Kingston. I take responsibility also for her accommodation and any expenses incurred which may include traveling or medical expenses.


I will assure you that there is much available space to accommodate my wife as I have 3 bedrooms and I have enough resources in my account to finance her.


Any assistance giving in the issuing of the visa to my wife will be appreciated. I have attached some documents which are on the next page of this application.


I hope that my application will be given a favorable decision. Thank you for assistance.


Kind Regards



Zebabu Grant


London High School

London Square


Mobile number: +44 776 342 5676