David Cameron’s baseless claim!

David Cameron’s baseless claim!

Recently, England’s Prime Minister has been criticized for his statement that foreign workers landed more jobs than the local Brits. David Cameron made this statement in his attempt to highlight the success of the changes made to the immigration policy of the United Kingdom. The particular statement of controversy made by Cameron and published in the Daily Telegraph was:

Progress is being made: while most new jobs used to go to foreign workers, in the past year more than three quarters have gone to British workers.’

The press watchdog has dismissed this claim as being baseless. Furthermore, the Press Complaints Commission has taken notice of this and has directed the Daily Telegraph to correct their mistake by publishing a statement. They also mentioned that the Daily Telegraph had breached the Editor’s code of practice by not ensuring that the information they are publishing is misleading.

The Daily Telegraph corrected their mistake by referring to the name and date of the article and clarifying that statistics showed net changes in employment rather than new jobs.

Sir Andrew Dilnot, who is currently appointed at the post of chair at the UK Statistics Authority, declared that it was not possible to deduce the number of jobs being taken by the local British people or immigrants. He mentioned that the figures that are being referred to are those of the Office for National Statistics and merely indicate that Brits made up 76% on the increment in the number of workers in the same time. He made it clear that these statistics did not show the number of new jobs.

Head of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, Jonathan Portes, who was the one who had initially made the original complaint, was satisfied with the response of the Press Complaints Commission and the appropriate reaction of the Daily Telegraph. He further added the in the future all politicians and journalists should take note and treat issues related to immigration with ‘more respect’ in the future.

It seems as if the Prime Minister has a certain affinity for making incorrect statements. Last year, David Cameron was publicly reprimanded for having said that the government paying off England’s debts. Then too, Sir Andrew Dilnot had opposed the statement by correcting it and stating that, infact, the net debt had risen from 811 billion pounds in 2010 to 1.1 trillion pounds in 2013. He also directly told Mr. Cameron to not confuse the terms in the future.

Sir Andrew Dilnot wrote that all parties must discuss and clearly understand the relevant statistics and definitions and differentiate between ‘changes in the level of debt outstanding ‘from the ‘changes in borrowing per period’.

Another such incidence occurred in 2012 when, David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt, the then secretary of health, were publicly ostracized by the press watchdog for having claimed that annual spending on the National Health Services had risen.

The author of the UK Statistics is also amongst those who publicly opposed the PM’s statement and said that those talking about “new jobs” going to non-UK nationals are, in fact, talking ‘rubbish’.