ESOL case study – This is how Rita Passed

This is Rita’s story…
RIta studied with me for her Life in the UK test, and successfully passed on her first attempt.
Then she got in touch again to say that she needed help with the ESOL B1 test.

So I offered her our 100% guaranteed training program called
PASS the ESOL B1 Exam on your FIRST Attempt!

Then her husband got in touch with me to discuss the details, he wanted to know more about the syllabus and what she would learn.
Also he wanted to make sure that this training program also had a 100% guarantee to teach until she passed. Even though Rita passed the life in the UK test with our classes, her husband probably had doubts about how we would give a 100% guarantee, considering Rita’s level of English, and when NO other training company could give a 100% guarantee to teach until you got through the test!

This is very normal, most people have doubts about guarantees, also probably I am the only person in this world who gives a 100% guarantee to teach until you pass on all of my courses including Life in the UK test, ESOL and Driving test. Also our price is very very low compared to everyone else. Some people think that they should pay a lot of money to get a great service. But we do this as a service and we think if it’s a great service the price should be low and there should be a solid and unbeatable 100% guarantee.

So then Rita got registered on the course and we started. We had a lot of work ahead of us!
First we studied all the Language functions in the syllabus, focusing skills and interview techniques. Then we practised sample interview scenarios, It was very important to improve her confidence in her self, to face any examiner at any test centre so that she would go there with her head held high and not be scared of or intimidated by anyone.

then we concentrated on Grammar, again there was a lot of work to be done to get Rita up to speed and up to the required standard.

So after practicing all possible interview themes, we started focusing on her major Topic. We discussed about Rita’s background and her current situation and decided on a very relevant topic which was very meaningful to her real life. This made things easier for her because she would naturally remember the facts because this was a part of her life.

We practiced the selected topic and then filled in the topic form (without this they will simply reject you and you will not be given the chance to do the test, and this is the first thing that your examiner will ask from you!). Then we practiced more. Day by day I could see how much she grew in confidence. Then we did some additional scenarios where I got her to do the interviews under difficult conditions, so that she would be ready to face anything on the test date.

After 5 lessons of 1 hour each Rita was fully ready to take the test. Which was a good thing because her test was the next day 🙂

Then soon after her exam, I got this message
“Hi James, I am Rita, today I had B1 test so I just inform u I was passed and very very thank”

If you still have not passed the ESOL test then this is probably the most successful course for ESOL