Expulsion of Jobless EU Immigrants

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron is being called upon to draft laws allowing expulsion of European Union immigrants who are unemployed. The calls for this radical move are coming primarily from Tory Party Members of Parliament who want the Prime Minister to follow in the footsteps of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Though controversial, the move is an ideal way to check the unabated flow of recently legalized Romanians and Bulgarians into the United Kingdom. In Germany, according to the law, an immigrant from the European Union will be deported if he or she is unable to find work in three months. This ensures that Germany is not overrun by Romanians and Bulgarians clamoring to enter the country.

In the United Kingdom, some simple measures have been implemented such as a mandatory waiting period of three months for immigrants before they can receive any state benefits. Though this can help regulate the type of state benefits that European Union immigrants enjoy, it does little to check their immigration rates. Due to high unchecked immigration, the native population of the United Kingdom often describes itself as a minority in its own country and suffers greatly due to this. It finds itself discriminated against by the multi – cultural immigrants that have become synonymous with the United Kingdom. Not only are a majority of the jobs taken up by immigrants, they also drain the economy by enjoying state benefits worth a lot more than the taxes they pay back. According to a study conducted by the University College of London, immigrants enjoy benefits worth 14 % more than the taxes they pay for. While this seems like a small number, in terms of money it translates to a staggering hundred billion pounds! Needless to say this is a great drain on the United Kingdom’s economy. Considering Britain’s current weak economy, it is a major burden and makes it very difficult for the government to pay off its debts.

If the legislation is employed, it can provide many benefits to a country. This way of controlling the immigrant population is definitely a lot better than denying visas to students and entrepreneurs. Though free movement across the European Union cannot be restricted, this law is absolutely legal. It allows the host country to escape being burdened by immigrants. This law is in force in Germany and the Chancellor Angela Merkel has enjoyed immense popularity and support despite it. Even the staunchest critics of immigration checks within the Party have encouraged the proposed reform calling it an extremely sensible idea. Also, most United Kingdom politicians believe that this move is imminent and though Germany leads the way, the United Kingdom will only be one of its many followers. This implies that they expect a majority of European Union member states to pass similar legislations. How successfully and tactfully the law is deployed will only be revealed by time. It is however, undoubtedly, a need based law and a perfect way to check immigration.