Fake Identity Sellers Busted

The Sunday Mirror launched a successful sting operation and managed to bust some high profile fake identity sellers in the United Kingdom. The sellers are part of a large international gang operating all across Europe. The ring is based in Romania and has been very successful in supplying fake identification cards to individuals. The team of journalists from the news paper posed as businessmen who wanted to acquire identity cards. They met up with a couple of Romanian individuals who acted as introducers to the gang. They provide Romanian identification cards to any individual seeking to become a legal resident. Since Romania is now a member of the European Union, this allows anyone equipped with such a card to call the United Kingdom their home. The individual can enjoy all the benefits of a citizen, in effect he or she is a United Kingdom citizen.

What’s really unsettling is that the group has access to cutting edge technology. The fakes it makes are so excellent that they even have secret holographic images that only appear under ultra – violet light. This makes it virtually impossible to separate a fake id from a real one. The group sells the identity cards for a modest price. Their only condition is that one does not bug them with constant calls enquiring about the status of the identification. All they need from a person is their photo and the money paid up – front. After that, they say it can take a week or two, generally not more than a week to obtain the identification documents. Also, as if to stick it to the man, the criminal ring is using its newly acquired legal status to shift base and operate in the United Kingdom. They have a prosperous business and a large number of clients.

They operate efficiently by having operations split up in many different countries. The individual who actually crafts the fake identities operates from Spain. The photos collected from clients are sent over to him and he prepares the fake identity cards. The reason the scheme is so successful is that the fake identity is in fact a real one, with just a changed photo. If authorities verify, the id belongs to an actual Romanian with a permanent address in Romania and hence have no reason to suspect that the person presenting the identity is fake. This also explains the extremely high quality of the forged documents. The document allows the individual to receive payments on the identity by simply en cashing cheques at banks. This works very well for illegals who want to work and study in the United Kingdom.

The authorities believe they have only caught a small part of the operations and need to launch a much larger Europe wide search to catch the entire gang. They hope the arrest of the couple will aid their investigation and provide valuable clues, which may ultimately lead to the flushing out and arrest of the entire group. Though difficult, this is not impossible.