fake passes in the popular test Life in the UK

In order to cheat, migrants drive to a scam test centre several miles away: the suspicions of officials was aroused when it was discovered that applicants were driving far distances to a specific centre to sit the exam for Life in the UK

Knowledge on public services, laws, and history are tested by the exam Life in the UK
A report reveals that s particular centre was visited by migrants to get passes
Officials were working with applicants in fraud, the report reveals
Now, applicants cannot decide where to take the test because the system has been changed

A report reveals that hundreds of miles were being driven by migrants in order to acquire fake passes in the popular test Life in the UK.
Those making applications for a citizenship in Britain must obtain a pass in an examination that is structured into multiple choice and deals on public services, laws, and history of the English. It has all this while been thought that the exam was being undertaken under strict conditions on a computer.
Unfortunately, the immigration chief inspector has stated that at a particular test centre which was unnamed, proof of fraud had been discovered – which has dealt another blow on the system’s credibility.
Before now, migrants were free to choose where they wanted to take the exam, anywhere nationwide at the test centre of their choice. The test is conducted and administered by the Home Office through the services of Learn Direct.
The suspicions of officials were aroused when they discovered the significant distances being travelled by applicants in order to get to a particular and specific test centre to complete the test.
The report released yesterday showed how conclusions were arrived at those officials at the test centre and applicants were in collusion in the committing of fraud after they had been investigated for a while.
Going further, the report stated that as a direct consequence, the strength of the system of booking was made stronger in order to provide only five alternatives to the applicants where they could be administered the test, using the basis of a check on the postcode.
Using further measures, like the use of an applicant’s fingerprints in the verification of an applicant’s identity, the Home Office has now made cheating harder for the applicants.
The intention of these measures is to stop people from taking the test on behalf of other people who do not speak good or any English at all.
Sometime early in the year, an investigation by the Mail showed the way migrants who had no English-speaking skills were secretly being waived through a different ‘protected’ test in language, for which they would pay just $500.
The scam was aimed at centers of the exam which are used to examine if at least a basic-level of English could be spoken by a person – which is also a prerequisite for the process of citizenship.
LPS (Learn Pass Succeed) which in London alone possessed four branches was recorded entering into agreements to sell to migrants who were not in attendance at the test pass certificates.