After the fall of fake weddings court case, a muslim minister sues court

A Muslim minister who was falsely convicted of officiating over 500 fake marriages has said that he intends to file a suit against the Home Office. This happened as he walked away a free man from the law court.
62 year old Mohammed Mattar was discharged because the case could not hold and had to collapse. The collapse of the court case was as a result of documentary mistakes which had been made. The Muslim preacher is now ready to start a very large claim for reimbursement because according to him, he had just gone through 24 months of hellfire.

Mr. Mattar had been falsely and wrongfully accused of overseeing about 600 fake marriages that was between men who were Muslims and some brides who were all Europeans. All these had occurred between the years of 2008 to 2012.

It was alleged that the marital unions are said to have enabled some men who were not from the EU to gain the authority to stay on in Britain forever.

The court case fell apart when the Home Office failed woefully in trying to give documentary evidence in record time. This made the prosecutors to fail in meeting deadlines to shown reports to the lawyers of Mr. Mattar.
Later on Mr. Mattar stated that the whole thing had been happening over the past two years. And all through that period it had been purely hell for him. He was now conversing with his solicitors on what course of action he was going to pursue. This was because the whole court case had enormously affected his family, and affected his in a psychological way; his wife had been very concerned that the law enforcement officers would visit their home daily.

Just yesterday night, the head of the Alliance of Taxpayers Konathan Isaby stated that the whole debacle has been a total waste of financial resources, and employees responsible for our judiciary must perform better.

The Home Office stated that they had gone over the court case with the relevant officials and that all concerned were in agreement that there were learning points to guard against such things occurring again.
The spokesperson on migration issues for UKIP Stephen Wolfe stated that this court case was showcasing that there was a major problem with the increase in fake marriages in the informal economy.

According to him, so many flaws had been used by illegal gangs to make profits from the poor people in the country.

A few days ago, the largest fake marriage case had broken down against a reverend in the midst of false accusations of bad behavior by officials of the border agency.

A 55 year old Ugandan – born minister Rev Nathan Ntege had been acquitted when the presiding judge stopped the case after a complete month of proceedings.

Three Home Office employees responsible for the prosecution had also been suspended from duty, after being caught lying under oath.
A British citizen who hails from Kilburn in the north of London, Mr. Mattar was a minister at the Dar Al Dawa Islamic Place in western part of London. He had stated that he was innocent of any charges that tied him to any allegations of breaking the UK policies on immigration.
Ironically, his son Ismail was an officer with the Police. He said that they usually conducted at least three weddings every month, where they collect as much as £100.

In his submissions, the weddings were only for those who desired to be wed under the laws of Islam. And once they had the event they would go to registered it at the council. He was emphatic when he stated that they had never broken the immigration laws.