fast track UK Visa China

UK embassy fast tracks Chinese Visa service
As of August 11th 2014, the United Kingdom will be offering a 24 hour super high priority Visa service to Chinese citizens in an effort to boost the economy with high spending tourists.
The service is open to anybody who has prior travel in the United Kingdoms, United States of America, Canada or 22 of the E.U countries participating in the open border Schengen area, which allowed for open travel between the countries participating with a single common Visa.
The price of the service will be 600 pounds.

Why Fast Track UK Visa in China ?

The opening of 12 application centres across the country of China in an effort to make the system more accessible toward the whole population will no doubt boost the population of the service, which brought in £300,000,000 in 2012.
Last year, there was a huge 31% increase in Chinese applications, leading the government to see a potential goldmine of external income toward the country, as well as taking part in a friendly, reciprocating activity that will help heal the wounds from tensions such as disagreements toward policies in Syria and David Cameron’s visit to the Dali Lama, a Tibetan, whose country has been part of an ongoing struggle to avoid the Chinese influence that is being imparted upon the country.
fast track UK Visa ChinaAmong other changes designed to streamline the process, Chinese nationals will no longer need both an Irish and Uk Visa to enter the country, being able to access the country with one or the other.
High spenders contribute a significant portion of income in the UK, and as the world leaves recession, this income is only likely to go up, with more being spent on holidaying across the nation.
Eventually, the government plans to extend this service toward India, which is likely to be just as profitable as the country enters a new phase of it’s development, with huge income and trade boosting it’s economy by large amounts each year.
In 2012, 210,000 UK Visas were issued to Chinese citizens, highlighting the huge potential that the massive country has to help the UK pull itself faster out of recession and toward a larger tourism industry, which can be surprisingly profitable.
Overseas visitors spend about £20,000,000,000 each year in the country, surpassing crude oil output and agricultural export.
External and internal tourism combined is worth an estimated £127,000,000,000 and employs around 3 million. This is equivalent to around 9% of the UK’s GDP.
The sector grows at 3-4% per year, far exceeding many other industries in this growth capability.
Predictions suggest that this could grow larger as international interest and popularity increase.
This is positive for both the overwhelming economical gains as well as the stability it extends to the countries which frequently visit, providing a friendly bridge between countries which can smooth over scars.
This Visa program is the first of it’s kind, but we can expect to see many more of similar policies if this flagship is successful in it’s method.