Gang Coordinates Sham Gay Marriages For £10,000 To Deceive Migration Staff

Lately, certain criminal groups in London were found coordinating various sham gay marriages for people who want to cheat the county’s immigration process.

This scam was discovered only recently after a long investigation was undertaken by the BBC and one of its undercover reporters. According to the investigation made by the BBC, a reporter disguised himself and approached a certain group while posing as an illegal migrant who desired to have a sham wedding in order to gain access to the UK nationality.

The leaders of the gang, Peter and Ricardo, had actually stated that it was very easy to deceive migration officers. They were very confident in their assertions, because they had previously successfully “arranged” weddings several times.

The gang arranges the fake marriages for a cost of £10,000 and also organizes two fake brides. These fake brides are usually from Romania. The news portal Mail Online had reported that the girls were not lesbians but they only pretend to be lesbians just for the money.
One of the ladies, Alexandra, claimed that she was so good at what she did, and as a result she could easily mislead the immigration officers. She had boasted that she had already succeeded at this deception six times already.

According to her, they had to be bold and pretend to be living together. They must then proclaim to the immigration officers that they reside together, even though they know that it is not going to happen. But it is what they had to proclaim to the officers at immigration.

Alexandra equally added that to make the whole process look genuine and authentic, she could organize for photographs of as a gay couple embracing. This singular gesture has the ability to make their sham wedding to look even much more realistic to the immigration authorities.
Mark Rimmer an employee of Brent Council’s registration and nationality services had told Mirror that the registrars are usually embarrassed to question same sex duos.

According to Mark, the registrars were already pretty well qualified in searching for the tell tale signs where opposite sex duos are involved. But he confessed that there was an even more difficulty in seeing or spotting those signs if it involved a same sex duo, whether they are female or male.

In March early this year, gay marriages were legalized in England and Wales. And ever since then, these gangs have been making a fortune by breaking the law.
According to the BBC undercover reporter, Ricardo said that once you introduced yourself as gay, there were no further enquiries. That it was so easy for them being gay. There is no doubt that what the investigation had succeeded in revealing was that the amount of sham marriages were now on the rise. And in order to deceive the authorities easily, the marriages being organized are for gay couples and not straight couples. This was the case because of how awkward even the well-trained immigration staff feel when probing or interrogating suspects of sham marriages.