Government’s Stripping Policy

If a citizen is deemed by the British government as threat to its national security or even suspected of terrorist offences, his citizenship can be taken away. This makes the person completely stateless, without any protection from a state. He is basically denied the very basic human right, that is to live in a country and be protected by its law from any form of violation.

Now things have taken into a very dangerous turn. The parliament just recently passed an amendment wherein the government can extend its denaturalization powers to naturalized citizens. Since the Conservative government rose into power back in September 2010, more than 37 British nationals lost their citizenship making them stateless.

Being a citizen is not a privilege but a right that everyone must have. It just makes sense that all citizens must obey the law but stripping them of their citizenship is taking things into the extreme. Losing your citizenship means completely depriving you of your basic human rights. You’ll lose the right to education, suffrage, employment and freedom in general. You practically are a nomad with nowhere to go.

If the Home Secretary thinks that a citizen’s behavior is a threat to national security, then his citizenship can be taken away. The legislation does not even require that the individual be convicted of a crime. With this policy, practically everyone can be a threat to national security. There are no clear cut guidelines what constitute “good behavior”. So technically, the Home Secretary can strip anyone of citizenship. Although that said individual can appeal, the case is pointless because he already lost his citizenship thus making it difficult to get representation from a lawyer.

The government for all its intent and purposes passed this bill to protect its citizens from harm or threat. One thing that citizens have to be aware of is how to make sure that this bill will not be abused by some officials who can be threatened easily even by a small harmless action. How can the people feel safe if the government can easily use its power to serve its interest?