Have you ever been mistreated at the test centre?

I receive a lot of emails about how they treat people badly at the Life in the UK test centres!
I have first hand experience of this when I accompanied my students to the test centre! Of course the people at the test centre did not know it was James Hall who was accompanying them.  I even heard them recommend my 100% guaranteed classes at http://lifeuk.info/how-to-pass-the-life-in-the-uk-test-in-just-5-hours/ to most of the people who failed.

Here are just 2 of the complaints

“dear sir/madam
I am strongly need your help, as I am suffering an really horrible experience at the test centre in ELDEN HOUSE,NEWCASTLE. I am going to do this test with my husband, he is not very good at speaking English, but he can understand, and he prepared this test for a long time, really hard at learning and studying on life in the uk test book. but he has been reject to attent the test as he has poor English. can anyone explain why a poor English guy can’t take the test? why do you think he can’t pass? finally I passed the test in 10 mins, but I am really upset, no exacting at all. one more thing need to mention. the lady who is responsible for identify check said my address proof is not what she want, and can not be use, I got a original bank statement which is by post from the Lloyds Bank, and she said this is not correct one. I was so confuse and fail to argue with her, finally I show her my driving license so she allow me to attend the test. she is so mad, so rude.”

I feel I was treated unfairly in the Coventry Sutherland house. A gentleman in front of me  had been sent away because he had printed his own bank statements and they had no stamp (fairplay)However when it was my turn the lady asked if I had printed the statement and i said no the bank did.she then refused me to write when i asked she said because they are not stamped and I said how could they be stamped when they were posted.My argument is Idid print them the bank did and posted them to me her question I feel was vague

I have complained several times on behalf of my students.
If you ever get mistreated you should read this

Life in the UK Helpline 0800 0154245 How can they help?

and call the helpline and lodge a complaint.

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Your mindset and mood is very important just before a test and during the test. If the staff at the test centre did something to upset you or did not let you even do the test, then the best way to protect yourself is through our 100% guaranteed training. Because just imagine having this kind of training and knowing you have been fully prepared and training by one of the most recognized people in this industry. Would you even care about what happens at the test centre? NO, because when you enter the test centre you will KNOW that you are going to leave with a Pass.

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