High Court in UK rules that Restrictions on legal Aid on Immigration Cases is Illegal

High Court in UK made a ruling on Monday that the legal aid guidance in the UK which permits only immigration cases which are exceptional the access to legal assistance is illegal and restrictive
On Monday, a high court in the UK ruled that the legal aid guidance of the United Kingdom which permits only immigration cases which are exceptional access to legal assistance is illegal and restrictive.
According to the ruling which was published on the website of the ministry of justice of the UK, the judge stated that the Guidance was illegal because it made false statements as follows: (A) the situations in which legal assistances in cases of a civil nature should be made available in regards to section 10 subsection 3 of the Legal Assistance, Sentencing and Offenders Punishment Act of 2012 (LASPO).
Reference was made to the guidance which was made by Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling the secretary of justice by the High Court as being a combination of carefully restrictive and defined conditions in regards to the scope of matters. The high court equally ruled that any legal aid withheld could lead to proceedings which would not be fair and equally send the wrong signal that legal assistance was only available in a limited number of cases which were exceptional or extreme.
The Ruling equally made additional reference to six unusual cases of a civil nature and turned down the decision to deny them legal assistance.
The ruling which was read in regards to one of the six situations that involved an immigrant mother with her four kids who had been resident for over 15 years in the UK that the basis for the decisions to deny funding which was exceptional were flawed woefully.
According to a BBC report, data from the ministry of justice revealed that out of about 1,500 exceptional legal assistance funding applications just 57 were approved. The guidance which was overruled was implemented within the plans of the government of the UK to reduce funding of legal aid to 350 million pounds from 2.1 billion pounds (about £548million from £3.3billion) by the year 2015.