How I passed the UK Citizenship exam in 5 minutes !

This article is to show the process I went through, to pass the latest version of the United Kingdom Citizenship exam (Life in the UK test), and to highlight some of the most important things to consider, to be successful the first time with minimum delay, hassle and expense !.

Life in the UK Test


Why do you need to pass this exam ?

You need to pass this simple test if you are applying for …

1. British Citizenship or.
2. Indefinite Leave To Remain in the UK,

Am I qualified to write this guide ?

First of all, I got through this exam in less than 5 minutes !. I am a professional IT trainer, which means I train quite a lot of people for advanced technology exams . On top of that I personally take a lot of exams (at least 10 per year). I kind of enjoy the challenge 🙂

Why am I writing this guide ?

Life in the UK Test Buckingham palaceDuring my latest attempt at the new exam, at the Life in the UK test centre, I noticed many people taking more than 30 minutes to complete this exam and some were even on their 2nd or 3rd attempt !. I was asked by many how I managed to finish in 5 minutes. So the idea of this guide is to help you pass on your first attempt and with minimum pain. Of course preparation is critical to any exam !.

Who should read this guide ?

Anyone interested in or required to pass the latest version of Life in the UK.

How to book the Life in the UK Test ?

1. Booking the exam, this is the most important step !, as this gives you a deadline to work towards. Just remember, that this is a very simple test which can be completed in 5 minutes !

  1. Find your nearest Life in the UK Test Centres .
  2. Call and book. Give your self at least 4 weeks for preparation, Currently the cost is £50

2. If you are familiar with the Internet, (well you have found this site, so you are familiar) go to a Count down timer and create a count down to the date. This will help you to keep track of your progress. It’s very easy to forget a date !
3.Which study material to use ? All questions are from the Home Office book, which we have summarised

Life in the UK Book chapter summaries

How to prepare for the Citizenship exam ?