How Recent Changes Affect Your UK Migration

The United Kingdom is indeed a place that most people see as a paradise. This perspective is evidently seen on polls, surveys, and reports which describe the metropolis as one of the most wanted locations where people all over the world want to live. However, people with such desire cannot easily get what they want especially because of the country’s rule regarding immigration and tourism. Recently, the UK has amended some of its policies and rules on immigration resulting to a change in how people will access their longing to transfer in this most wanted metropolis.

As of April 6, 2014, there have been amendments regarding visas for immigrants in the United Kingdom. Some of the most important changes have been made concerning the tier 1 and tier 2 programs, and the visas for dependents.

First is the tier 2 program all about sponsoring or allowing a foreigner who has skills in several fields to be allowed to stay and work in UK. There are limited slots for this kind of visa however; if the slots will not be filled up entirely by the selected ones or prioritized ones, other people who want to settle and work in UK can take advantage of the opportunity. Furthermore, the employer who wants to send or accept a foreigner to work within UK needs to pass several requirements including the salary threshold. Those people who have Certificate of Sponsorship starting from April 6 onwards have their salary threshold increase by 0.9 percent. On the other hand, those people who have their Certificate of Sponsorship before April 6 will adhere to their previous salary threshold. Additionally, to those people who want to retain in the tier 2 program but will go on a leave, are allowed to have a maximum leave of five years instead of the current three years. However, it will be paid on a higher fee.

Second is the Tier 1 program which focuses on providing visas to people with exceptional talent or skills. Before the recent amendment, people with exceptional talents are defined as the ones recognized internationally in several fields such as arts, digital technology, medicine, engineering, humanities, and science. However, after the amendment, several fields and special circumstances and considerations were added to this particular program. Such case is the talents in fields related to the Tech City in UK who will give 200 endorsements.

Lastly, foreign dependents to their spouses currently working in the United Kingdom are subjected to more restrictions. Unlike before where spouses of these UK foreign workers can easily migrate and settle in UK, the recent amendments made this circumstance a lot tighter. Such amendments include the Point-Based System where migrants are evaluated through their specific status quos and given points based on certain judgments. The total points will then be the determinant if the applicants are allowed to transfer and settle in UK with the person they are depending on.

Although the recent changes to the visa-related policies in UK may seem a little bit harsh and made tighter, it does not mean that negative effects will continuously occur. These changes may be done primarily for the best of all, both the citizens of UK and the people wanting to live in there.