How to Buy a 3 Year Visa in the UK

In a world where money can breeze you through life without a hitch, then it is not surprising at all to find out that you can buy visa in United Kingdom. Gone are the days wherein an applicant will fill out stacks and stacks of forms, line up in almost endless queues and spend hours of legwork. If you are a very wealthy business owner and is willing to donate millions of UK pounds to the British government, then getting a visa for you and your family will definitely be a piece of cake. So who says money can’t buy everything?

So how does this process work? The Migration Advisory Committee wants to auctions off the right to settle in the UK to the highest bidders. With this structure rich immigrants can loan the government 1 million pounds to help pay for its loans which is currently at 1.2 trillion pounds. According to MAC chairman Sir David Metcalfe, the British government is not selling passports. The money that the rich immigrants will spend for United Kingdom is not a gift but a loan. Simply put if a business owner is interested to stay and invest in United Kingdom, he/she can pay 1 million pounds worth of the British government’s debt and get a 3-year visa.

Rich Russian and Chinese business owners can definitely benefit from this structure. As long as their money is stored in Treasury bonds, they, together with their families can settle in United Kingdom and enjoy all the benefits that UK has to offer-fair legal system and top schools. There is one catch though, if these businessmen decide to remove their money from bonds, the visa will then be revoked.

The current structure allows non-European Union nationals to invest 1million, 5million and 10 million so they can apply for permanent residency after 2, 3 or 5 years. Under the new proposal, the minimum amount is going to be doubled to 2million and business owners will be allowed to apply for permanent residency after 5 years.

On top of this highly controversial move, MAC also wants about 100 visas to be auctioned off to the highest bidder yearly. So what’s the minimum price of the auction? Well, that would be 2.5million pounds. The 2million will go to the British government to pay for its debt and the 500 thousand will go to charities. If a business owner will bid more than 2million, the 500 thousand will still go to charities and the remaining amount will go to the British government.

This proposal has already received strong and scathing criticism from lawyers and from the British citizens themselves. They agree that this move makes the granting of visa and British citizenship seem like a prime commodity.

This government move is extremely unfair on every level to those nationals who don’t have millions of pounds to easily shell out. Money is indeed going to be the unfair advantage of those rich non-EU immigrants who can literally buy citizenship.