How to Get Visa to Visit the UK

Whatever is the reason for an individual’s reason to visit United Kingdom, a visa is required. However for a short holiday trip, a visa may not be required but that still depends on the individual’s country of origin. Depending on the purpose of the individual’s visit to United Kingdom, there are requirements that need to be met to be granted with a visa.

Visitors are categorized depending on the purpose of their visit. Those categories are: General Visitors, Business Visitors, Permitted Paid Engagements, Prospective Entrepreneurs, Entertainers and Sportspeople, Visit visas for Chinese Nationals, and Special Visitors. Special Visitors category was created for the following visa applicants: Child Visitor, Visit for private medical treatment, Marriage or Civil Partnership Visitor, Parent of a Child at School, Student Visitors, Prospective Visitors and Visitors in transit.

General Visitors

This is generally used for those who wish to visit United Kingdom for a vacation. Vacation can be in form of a holiday or a visit to a family member. Visa under this category is valid for six months. Although visitors are not required to work if they wish to visit United Kingdom, their finances must be enough to support them during their stay.

Business Visitors

Visitors who come to United Kingdom to do business transactions like attend meetings, negotiations and draft contract fall under this category. Academic Visitors or Visiting Professors also fall under the Business Visitors Category.

Permitted Paid Engagements

Visiting academics or lecturers who will visit United Kingdom to promote advocacy or to undertake prearranged activity fall under this category. Visa granted for this purpose is only valid for one month.

Prospective Entrepreneurs

Applicants who wish to come to United Kingdom to seek funding, establish a business and venture capitalist fall under the Prospective Entrepreneurs in terms of applying for a visa. One of the requirements is show proof that applicants have the access funds worth 50,000.00 British pounds.

Entertainers and Sportspeople

Artists and athletes fall under this category. The visa granted to these applicants will allow them to stay in United Kingdom for 6 months as long as they will be attending events related to their field of work.



Visa visits for Chinese nationals

Arrangements for Chinese visitors are due to the Approved Destination Status Agreement between United Kingdom and China. Chinese visitors are granted visa valid for 30 days as long as they will be coming to United Kingdom as part of a tour group.

Child Visitor

An individual who wishes to visit United Kingdom under the age of 18 falls under this category. The persons who will be responsible for taking care of the child during the stay must be clearly stated in the application. Visa granted under this category is only valid for 6 months.

Visits for private medical treatment

This category is for those individuals who wish to come to United Kingdom for medical treatments like undergoing surgery. If the person happens to be diagnosed with an infectious disease, a proof showing that the mentioned disease will note pose risk to the UK population must be provided. Visa granted under this category is only valid for 6 months.

Marriage or Civil Partnership Visitor

This type of visa is for those applicants who will have their wedding or civil partnership ceremony be held in United Kingdom. Visa granted under this category is only valid for 6 months thus not allowing the applicants to stay nor work in United Kingdom after the ceremony.

Parent of a Child at School

This visa is granted to parents of children who are attending private school aged 12 or below. Parents granted with this visa are allowed to remain in United Kingdom for 12 months but must not seek employment during their stay. They must also show proof that they are financially capable of supporting themselves.

Student Visitors

Visa under this category is granted to students who will study in United Kingdom no longer than 6 months and will not seek employment after the course is finished. This visa is for applicants under this category aged 18 years old and above.

Prospective Students

This visa is granted applicants who wish to undertake a course to study and look for a school granted that they must be admitted within 6 months. After the 6th month and they were not accepted to any program, they must leave to return to their country of origin.



Visitors in Transit

This visa is granted for vacationers who will only stay in United Kingdom less than 48 hours, allowing them only to pass on their way to another country.