How to make an Extra income in the UK – step 1

Make Money in your spare time or Even when your at Work (while you are being paid to be there :)) – using your computer (or Even the smartphone!)

>>>Lets start NOW with the easiest one >>> just visit this site below and register for an account, it’s for FREE !

If you follow the instructions and do this daily, This can easily pay your Water bill (assuming it’s about £25/month) 🙂 so that’s one bill out of the way ! It’s a great relief, even when you KILL one simple Bill. This is my Kill Bill approach :). Next I will show you another way to generate income…. of course some of you will think that this is only a very little amount of money, absolutely True !, but we are going to invest this money in a much more profitable way, but if you already have about £100-200 to invest, then you can skip these steps and directly try the next step (by the way send me an email if you want to do the that !)


The story behind this…

OK, This is the first step! This will build confidence in earning extra money.You can earn £1,000s a year, with no special skills required.

All these strategies worked for me when I had more than £30,000 debt on my credit card to be paid off !, and the Interest charges I had to pay on the card, was HUGE !!! I tried and tested a lot of things.


You get paid to watch videos,search on for your favourite things online !

It’s not quick cash. Yet it’s fantastic extra income

these sites pay small amounts, but the trick is to add them all and turns into £1,000s.

Always try to withdraw in cash and as soon as you reach the payment level !


1. You get points for searching the web via Swagbucks. Every time you search search don’t’ search for the same thing ! search for something new !

2. Install the Swagbucks toolbar on your browser.

3. Swag codes – check your email to find these

4. Play games – 1-5 points each time just for playing games

5. Watch videos

Our technique is to get RID of the Bills ! The Kill Bill technique 🙂

the trick is NOT to cut down on expenses, and luxuries, but to get extra income sources to pay for those, so you will not have to pay for them out of your main salary !

first to get some quick and easy money using simple methods, so that it can help you pay for your water, electricity, car, then even the mortgage, so you safe the money you would normally spend on these and then invest that saved money in less time intensive, hands on income sources