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How to Pass the Life in the UK test in just 5 Hours!!!

Life in the UK test training

Life in the UK test Training!

The TOP reason below Will Stop you from doing the test immediately and as early as possible!!!

I studied but I am not ready for the test, because I can’t remember much of what I read (This is a very common problem especially with Chapter 3 of the Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents – 3rd Edition – 2013)

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In this post you will learn how to Pass the Life in the UK test in Less than 5 hours!. Please bookmark this and read again, because This is The most important resource that you will ever read for your test!!! If you have any questions please Email me on or Call me on 02070971422

This is the Most popular Training Program for Life in the UK test, I would like to offer you a place… but before you make a decision now, please read the story below ….

United Kingdom (UK) PassportImmigration rules are becoming Much Tougher by the day and by the hour!, Especially THIS YEAR!  if you have been postponing (or Even Thinking of postponing) taking the Life in the UK test, then you are taking a HUGE and an unnecessary risk with your life and your future ! There is a SIMPLE solution to this ! Read more to find out ….

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My experience

Just imagine walking in to your test centre FULL of Confidence because you know that you are FULLY Prepared for anything (snow, computer failure, etc ), and then taking the test, in a Very Calm and a Relaxed way, knowing that you have given it your best shot, by preparing methodically, and then having successfully completed the test, walking out of the test in JUST 5 minutes after you started the test.

pass the life in the uk test

So you are the earliest and the fist candidate to Finish the test !!! Then the waiting begins …. for the others to finish, before you collect your Pass result certificate, and above all the admiring glances from the amazed, and enquiries from people who are wondering how you are so amazing and how did you manage to accomplish this !!! This is exactly what happened to me ! And I was so surprised by all the attention and enquiries I got .

They ALL wanted to know how I did it ! Some who finished later, were well qualified professionals like Medical Doctors who had more test taking experience! than me. Can you imagine that feeling?

Most interestingly, I was very glad that I only bought a one way ticket for the train, because so many people who were impressed by my achievement, offered to drop me home, some even going out of their way !.

Above all what really struck me was the people who were there for their 4th attempt and Failed again !!!! They looked shattered and exhausted beyond anything I had ever seen!.


They thought that Life in the UK test was the most Difficult Test ever !!!. I was so surprised and saddened by their plight, I offered my help. Since then I have helped 1000s of people Pass the same way I did. Some of them had no chance of passing without my help, but I was so happy to have helped them become British citizens.

By the way just now, while writing this post, I got a Thank you email from one of my students, Celine passed this morning, when she sought my help, she had already failed once, and she was very confused and anxious. Just like 1000s of others, her next attempt was a 100% success because she used our proven methods and training.

Life in the UK final test

Usually the 3 other reasons below Will Stop you from doing the test immediately and as early as possible

  1. I studied but I am not ready for the test, because I can’t remember much of what I read (This is a very common problem especially with Chapter 3 of the Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents – 3rd Edition – 2013)
  2. I don’t have time for this stupid test, I have better things to do !, I have to go to work, go to the pub, meet friends. I am too busy!, I have kids, family etc
  3. I don’t know how to study, I haven’t studied in a long while, my study technique is rusty !. I Failed 4 times !. I’ve never been good at studies. I get anxious and stressed out when I study, especially when I can’t remember what I studied and when I don’t do well on practice tests !!!
  4. Above all you keep worrying and getting anxious and stressed out about postponing the test and worrying about the Life changing implications of this Test !!!

All these are valid reasons, but that is NOT going to help you, to become a British Citizen ! Maybe this has happened to you before, when you had to study for another exam or when you had to complete that annoying project. If you are interested in knowing why this happens, then the 2 major reasons are incorrect study technique and lack of confidence. We ALL lack confidence at times and in unfamiliar areas.

**** These are Some of the requests we get on a regular basis !!! *****

Life in the UK test Multiple Choice Questions Exam“Please I desperately want to pass the life in the UK test! but I don't know how to go about it. 
Please what can I do?“

“Hello I'm in need of ur help!  how to pass the life in the UK exam pls help me.
Canalita J”

“Hi James my wife failed the first test I would like to know how can you help her to pass please, thanks”

“I was feeling so anxious during that time because the computer was not working properly at my 
test centre and I failed. Can you please help ?”

“I failed my test five weeks ago by two answers. I have been reading the book and practising 
hard ever since. Ive booked another test but I am still worried. My practice results 
go up and down no matter how much i practise and read the  book. The more anxious 
I get the worse I perform. what can i do? thank you pls respond.”

“I am currently averaging only 50% in final test compared to 90% in the practice test.
chapter 3 seems to be my main problem.Can you help.”

******* So here is the Proven solution to your problem ******

We will train you for the Life in the UK test, using the best teachers. No Stress, No Strain for you, just very pleasant study sessions and a Pass at the end!

  1. We will teach you until you Pass ! So once you are on this course you are 100%  guaranteed to Pass!!!.
  2. Ready for the test in just 5 Hours – Quick and Easy Time saving preparation – We will tech you in the most effective and productive way, using the best teaching techniques to build up your confidence.
  3. Increase your chances of remembering the facts and passing – We will give you the best teachers, who have themselves passed the Life in the UK test.
  4. Make it Easy and Fun to study – We will give you the Best resources and flexible individual instruction, in a group setting where you can benefit from the interaction with fellow students. Research has shown that, group study, to be one of the most effective and least stressful ways to learn.

How much does it cost ?

feedback and testimonials from people who passed the testThis is Private one to one (1-to-1) coaching!!!. Usually a training program like this will cost upwards of £350 (Usually around £450)!!!, BUT since you are already with us, The Total cost for you is ONLY £100 for the whole course  !!!. This is a one off payment, not a Monthly payment !!!. To make this training accessible to all, we are charging only £100 per participant for the whole course !!!. Yes read that again ! it’s ONLY £100 for the whole course!!! for full training. For some of you this may be cheaper than what you would pay to get to the test centre!!!. These are LIVE, one on one training sessions, not recorded sessions or videos !. You can pay below via Paypal (this is the most secure and the best way to pay, you don’t need to have a paypal account).

For Immediate Access

You can schedule and attend classes at a time convenient for you (and at a time that I am available!). You can ask as many questions as you want. We will teach you until you pass. You can take classes from where ever you are (Home, Office, even while when you are abroad on holiday !) These classes will be conducted online via the Internet using Skype. So the only requirement is an Internet connection.

Now you don’t have to feel that you are all on your own, when studying for the Life in the UK test.

Even If you have failed the test Repeatedly !!! this training can help you PASS on your next Attempt ! So don’t loose another £50 by failing the test again !.

**** Some of the success stories ******

the union jack

"Hi James sorry for the delay in mailing you.....
I passed the exam by the grace of God as all the questions were from what you taught me within the 5 hours !!!
and I did not even had time to go through. ....all the spare time was spent on
revisions of whatever you taught me. .....Thank you very much for the time spent
with me to teach me at my convenience. ...god bless"

"Dear James,
Thank you very much ! Today I did my exam in 4 minutes. 
your training was very helpful to build up my confidence.
After the exam I found that I was the only person who had passed the test
out of 9 candidates!!!,  some of them appeared 2nd and some 3rd time and was
very upset, I have recommended your training to them as well.

I knew after practicing every day, the test was so easy for
me that's why I finished it so quickly. Once again thank you very much.
Many Regards,
“I just want to say a very big thank you. Your training was very
helpful! and much easier than reading the boring “life in the UK book”! You helped to 
build up my confidence which enabled me to sit for the test without the fear of failing. 

I also encourage other people who are planing to sit for the test to use this training. 
Thank you so much!”
“Dear James,
          Thank you very much for your online training. 4 weeks before my test date 
I started your training to build up my confidence. At test centre after the exam 
I  found out some of the test takers had failed and looked upset!. 
I try to recommend your training to anyone.
          Passing with the PERFECT SCORE during my exam.... amazing feeling  
for me that was the perfect highlight of my life. Once again thank you!. 
many regards,

From: Marsha W 
Subject: Passed my text 
Hi Team, thanks for this training! it helped me to prepare for my exams and 
I finished within 5 minutes and passed. This was a very big help as 
I have a young baby and needed to get the studies done in less time. 
Thanks again. Keep up the good work.


This offer is available only for a very Limited time, but usually we sell out quickly so book your place NOW !!! before it’s too late ! Get Instant Access…

(If you don’t have a Paypal account, just select the option to pay using a debit or credit card.)

Successful people take steps before they’re totally ready because they know that there will NEVER be a perfect time where you have nothing else on your plate. So they make time. The great news is that simply by being one of my readers, you’ve already been doing more than most people ever do.


ps: Cost of this training is ONLY £100 and it will help you PASS the Life in the UK test in just 5 hours.

If you are curious about how I got back home after the test… from all the people who offered to give me a lift home, I chose the person who lived the closest to my place, and he turned out to be a very successful young entrepreneur, who drove a nice BMW 🙂


Frequently Asked Questions
Would these same question as in the course at
come in the final test?

We teach you every possible fact (from the official book) that can be asked in the test
so you will not get anything in the final test that we have not covered in the course
it’s very detailed and thorough, but done in just 5 hours


Question:  so are the 5 hours taken in one go?or we can break it and study in 1 hour sessions?

Answer : you can have 5 lessons, each 1hour long (this is what we prefer) or you can have 2 hour lessons.


Question:  can you give me guarantee to pass?

Answer : We teach you until you Pass! no one who did the course has failed so far!


Question: Are you going to help me not to forget those information?
Answer : Of course, we are going to help you remember everything that you would need to know from the book! As we have done with 1000s of others before you.
Question: “Is what you teach, enough for me to Pass? The book has a lot of information!”
Answer : Yes we cover all chapters and every fact from the book, but with our method you will remember what you studied and you will Pass the Test 🙂
Question: “do u think in 5 days i will be ok? i read da book but i cant remember anything.thats why i failed”
Answer : sorry to hear that! but this is what happened to all who failed! and that’s why you need our help!!! When you read the official book, by the time they reach the end, you will not remember a thing 🙁
we teach you really thoroughly using our Easy to remember tested system ( )Our study system will prepare you for the test in just 5 hours. Here are some of the people who Passed today!
Question:do u think i will pass?
Answer : Yes, if you study with us and follow our system you will Pass
Question:do i hv to read da book?
Answer : No you do not need to read the Official book!

Question:Just to let u know James it’s hard for me to read the whole book becaz of the baby so m just reading what you gave me.. Is it ok??
Answer : You do not need to read the Official book! just read what we gave you!

Question: James I Passed! I have kids and family, How can I thank you?
Answer : Congratulations 🙂 you can always tell your friends about us so that they too will benefit 🙂


Question : I’ve been practising online but not so confident to take the test yet

James : That is quite common! that’s why we have this training program


Question : Am absolutely it the same as the once in the email?

James : That’s what many think because we have offered training for 8 years now, but this training is significantly DIFFERENT from our free Email couse! Of couse we use the material from the same Official book, but the way we prepare you in Private training ( is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT! Also This is private one to one tuition 🙂 with myself (James)


Question : Ok so assuming I pay now i can start ASAP?

James : Yes


Question : Sorry am asking too many questions – just that, i ve payed £230 (to some other company) just for my ESOL course. Which i ve been advised is not worth it. I dnt want it happing again.hope understand?

James : No problem, Ask as many questions as you like 🙂 , no need to apologise 🙂 Also our course is ONLY £100 for the full course! If you have more question please email me ( or skype (

If you have any questions please Call me on 02070971422

Terms and Conditions here


Question : I want to start my life in the uk ASAP pls, i ve read and done a little bit of the online test but am not quite sure if am ready. When can i start the course pls?

James : You can start as soon as you like


Question : I can only Skype on my phone & is a bit small is that ok?

James : Absolutely, you can study using almost any phone!


Question : Is there any other form I could pay? As i dont want to give my card details

James : you don’t’ have to give your card details to me! it’s paid via paypal, which is the safest way used by millions of people like you, every day :). I will not have access to your card details also it’s secured with high security encryption


Question : I don’t have a PayPal – well I’ll find out and do it.

James : you don’t’ need a paypal account!, you can pay with any credit or a debit card, safely


Question : whats the guarantee that I’ll Pass the test?

James : no one who attended all sessions has ever failed, in the last 8 years, we have helped 1000s. Also it’s guaranteed because, we will get you ready in just 5 hours, if you fail (which you will not) we will train you until you Pass! This is the best course for Life in the UK test, and the best gurantee! Here are the results


Question : When do i start?

James : these are private one to one lessons, scheduled to suit your times. So we can start when ever you are free!


Question : as i need to be confident b4 i book the test

James : Absolutely spot on! that’s actually what we do very very effectivey


Question : Do i have to book the test or afterwards?

James : it’s better if you do the test soon after our course

Question :Do I need to pre read anything?
NO, absolutely not! I will provide everything!

Question :Do I need to take notes during lessons?
NO, it is better if you don’t make notes, because you will not be allowed to take notes into the test centre!

Question :Do I need pens, paper?
NO, why would you? the test is computer based!