Husband is distraught after the deportation of his US Bride

Husband is distraught after the deportation of his US Bride after officials from immigration claimed his marriage was fake
John Smith and Leah Hayden were married. However, she was not permitted to re-enter the UK because of the failure of her application to meet the minimum threshold placed on income
After officials of immigration claimed that their marriage was a fraud and sent away his bride from the US a father of four is now devastated.
49 year old John Smith had come across his US citizen bride-to-be in June 2014 on the Isle of Man during the TT races.

His claims were that the love had happened at first sight. A friend of his had been told by him that she was his ideal woman.
Two months later, John who is a divorcee and 38 year old Hayden got married and decided to get settled in Essex, at East Tilbury with John’s kids from his initial marriage.
However, issues started to emerge when in March Leah who is from Missouri, St Louis went back to the USA to get her passport renewed.

She was informed that she could not go back to England to rejoin her husband.
In a bid to desperately get reunited, she had to fly to Paris with the goal of catching to London the Eurostar. However, customs officials stopped her and had her returned to St. Louis.
John who is the owner of a business for car repairs stated that she had come through customs and had been interrogated, searched by being stripped and branded a liar.
He stated that she had been informed that their union was a fraud. They had stated that she could remain in Paris but was not allowed to go to England.

In the end, she was placed on a plane to Dublin, after that to Chicago, which was followed with a bus ride of seven hours to St. Louis.
John stated that Leah had not required a visa urgently because she was travelling to and fro and was permitted to remain without a permit for up to 180 days.
The couple who are devoted to each other how chat everyday on Facebook. They have been separated for five months.

Today John is seeing his wife while on a holiday in America. They are discussing making an appeal probably.
He thinks that officials in Britain have the suspicion that his car company which is situated in Grays is not a business that was properly established and was rather incorporated just to be able to get visas which are phony.
However he states that his company had been established by his father and has been in operation for several years.

The Home Office stated that Leah came into the United Kingdom on a visa for visitors and stayed longer than she was allowed to do so. When she went away from Britain she was not permitted leave to come back in when she made her return which was according to rules for visitors.
The Home Office stated that a spousal visa application was turned down on the basis of the application failing to achieve the minimum threshold for income.
Francesca Shanahan the spokeswoman for the Home Office stated that all visa applications were considered in line with the rules of immigration and also based on their individual merits.
She stated further that the onus was on the person making the application to make available the necessary proof to buttress their application.