illegal immigrants employed in Britain could be jailed

As a part of crackdown by Government illegal immigrants employed in Britain could be jailed
An announcement was made by the Government that immigrants who are in the country illegally can be jailed in prison for as much as six months if they are discovered to be employed in Britain.

Border officials in the UK are equally going to be provided with the authority to temporarily shut down businesses, have licences removed, and employers prosecuted if they are discovered to be employing individuals who do not possess any lawful right to be in Britain.
The crackdown is happening as the ministers want to curtail the activities of rogue firms and employers of labour in their reaction to critics of the Government’s migrant crisis handling in Calais.

Under the new rules any late-night, pub, or off-licence takeaway that refused to comply with the laws of immigration or has in its employment illegal staff could have its licence for trading stripped from it.

A consideration is also being made by the officials on if this pwer should be extended to operators and drivers of minicabs.

The new measures which are tough have been made known to the public days prior to the publication of the most current figures on immigration on Thursday.
James Brokenshire the Immigration Minister stated that any individual who thought that the United Kingdom was a soft touch should not entertain any doubts. He emphasized that if they were illegally in the country, they were going to take action to discourage and disallow them from getting employed, driving a car, opening an account in the bank, or having a flat rented.
He stated further that as a one country government they were going to continue to attack abuses and establish a system of immigration which was at work for the interests that are the best for the British people and all of those who were playing by the laws.

He added that illegal employees were going to be faced with the possibility of a term in prison and rogue companies could also face prosecution, have their licences removed, or their businesses closed down if they continued to have the law flouted.

The most recent measures in the new immigration bill of the Government is as result of a rise in raids of commercial ventures that are being suspected of employing illegal staff.
The Home Office has stated that illegal employees who were convicted in Wales or England could be facing at least six months in an addition to a fine that would be unlimited after they previously announced that their salaries could be forcefully taken from them as crime proceeds.
Still other politicians are saying that the current measures would only continue to reveal that when it had to do with illegal immigration the United Kingdom is a soft touch.

The immigration spokesman for Ukip MEP Steven Wolfe stated that this had to be one of the stupid ideas that are pat from a Government which is completely bereft of any ideas on how to handle the crisis on migration. Having immigrants who are working illegally to be sent to gaol was going to cost a lot of money, have tremendous pressure applied on the prison systems, include treacle to the courts systems that were already gummed up with the likelihood of appeals and remand which could stretch into the horizon of the Human Rights Act and retain on their shores the immigrants.

He stated that rather the immigrants should be deported. He insisted that as long as they were employed in the UK illegally they had already broken the law. That it was as simple as that.
The new bill on immigration was also going to tighten the legislation on cases for intentionally hiring illegal staff to have more prosecutions facilitated.
The thinking has always been that businesses which are accused are going to be forced to give evidence that they had performed all checks that are necessary prior to an individual being employed by them.

The sentence that would be maximum for those discovered to be guilty of hiring illegal staff is going to equally be increased to five years from two years with heavy fines included.
Businesses which repeatedly employed illegal staff and avoided sanctions might witness their establishments locked up for at least 48 hours while they gave evidence that checks for the right-to-work had been undergone for staff.

Those offenders who are the worse are going to be put under measures which are special which would force such businesses to stay shut or carry out checks that are ongoing.
The campaign group Migration Watch UK’s Alp Mehmet stated that this was not simply about not being seen as a touch that was soft. The more importance was for the message to be sent out that if any individual was in the UK unlawfully and was discovered employed, both them and their employer are going to be sent to court.

He hoped that the authorities were not going to shy away from performing based on the powers which they had been provided with because on that front they do not have exemplary records.
After an agreement on Calais was signed with France, the record of David Cameron was going to come under scrutiny that will be intense when the current figures on immigration are made public on Thursday.

The Prime Minister has constantly been failing to meet his vow to decrease to tens of thousands the net migration to the United Kingdom.
In spite of Government fighting to decrease into Britain the net long-term migration – which in 2014 reached 318,000 – just a slight rise is required to overtake the recorded highest figure which was 2005’s 320,000.