Immigrants Vastly Qualified than British Students

Research done by the University of Manchester in the UK has revealed that many immigrants are vastly qualified in comparisons to white Britons. The study revealed that persons who are born outside of the UK have a better chance of having a degree from a university than persons who are born inside the UK. The timing of this report comes at a time when all the political parties are arguing the advantages and disadvantages of immigration in the UK.

Minority ethnic groups such as Chinese, Black African and Indian are the groups deemed to have a better chance of a university degree and are more qualified than the white Brits the research suggest.

Keith Boyfield, a well-known economist is conducting a similar research to that of the one done at the Manchester University. He is associated with the Centre for Policy Studies and his research is showing similar findings to that of the university’s. His research is showing that 1 in every 4 boys that are white Brits receiving free meals had 5 A-C grades in GCSE in 2012 which is inclusive of English and Mathematics. This is in comparison to 40% of black boys considered to be similarly deprived and 63% among other boys. So we can conclude based on these findings that the kids of the working class that are white are at the bottom of the academics table.

The research from Manchester also revealed that these ethnic minorities have greater improvements in their standard of education in the last decade or two. Countries like Bangladesh have a 28% no qualification at all rate while Pakistan has 29%. This is in not a great deal higher than 24% of white British who has no qualification at all and the minor ethnic groups rates are reducing fast.

David Coburn who is a candidate for UKIP in Scotland has said that the school system in Britain is broken. He believes that British system is not educating the children efficiently enough. He is calling for the reintegration of grammar school and that there should be technical schools that are at the same levels as the ones in Germany to accommodate the kids that are more practical in nature. He is also calling for remedial schools to assist the children who are slower in paste with learning as he believes no child should fail. He stated that he is not surprised about the fact that migrants are doing better than British kids as he highlighted that the parents often make a lot of sacrifices to come to Britain.


This higher qualification by minor ethnic groups could be attributed to a good work ethic among these persons. Mr. Boyfield believes that immigrants from the UK are hard workers and have a track record of high achievement over the past decades. He referred to British migrants as having similar traits to those of the United States who have been known to become rich from their hard work. He believes that a few more hard working migrants would be good for Britain because they are the one who aspire to become entrepreneurs.