Immigrate to Germany

Immigrate to Germany the new immigration hotspot

New studies show that Germany is the second most popular immigration destination

After months and months of rhetoric and negativity from Britain’s government, the spotlight has shifted to it’s kinder neighbour…

Powerhouse Germany?

Yes, reports are coming in fromĀ  all quarters of the country that not only are immigrants welcome, they’re wanted.
Births in the nation have slowed and slowed to the point, where, like Japan, they are wondering where on earth they are going to find the people to look after the countries they’ve brought to riches.

While the UK has been excessively complaining about immigration, Germany has slowly been gaining higher and higher levels of immigration, overtaking many countries to rest at second place behind the Americans, who sit angrily at the top.

Immigrate to GermanyThe immigration debate within the United States is as fiery as ever, with extreme views throwing angry words toward each other constantly, Obama blocked at every turn by Republicans who seem to hold the opposite view of just about everything he thinks or says.

Maybe this is a good turn, with migrants arriving to newly opened welcome centres, comprehensive language courses and some cushy benefits, maybe the more right-winged parties of the UK will be quieter, knowing that there really is somewhere better that the immigrants will find themselves drawn to, with a change in the amount of people trying to enter our country predicted to follow suit, as opposed to the fire and brimstone that Britain seems to currently be offering, along with a steeply curbed benefit system and a potential referendum over European Union membership as a whole.

However, pro-immigration view-holders have shown some deep concern that the highly skilled immigrants that bring economic gain will now bring that wealth to Germany instead.
While our levels of higher education attended by non EU nationals are dropping, Germany is trying hard to pull our losses inward, promising easy Visa service to many who have degrees from across the globe.

Perhaps this marks a real shift, as now the spotlight on EU immigration policy is no longer on the UK, and we can all take a break.
In the UK, debate is rife, with the opposition parties competing for what seems to the toughest immigration policy, Labour and the Conservatives may no longer need to consider referendum.

Then again, acting in haste about anything at this time may be a bad move, with the situation within both Germany and Great Britain still ongoing, the exchange and filing of immigrants still seems to see them as more statistic than human.
The Germans have been using foreign talent to help build and support it’s lumbering, massive industry, with new projects allowing for both specialised and non specialised migrants to contribute to the country.
We are yet to see the lasting effects this boost to migration, both EU and international that Germany has received, but we are guaranteed to see something sooner or later.