Immigration Advisor Jailed

Abdul Jacoob was not your average 70 year old Indian who went for leisure walks in his old age. Rather, he ran a one-man show by establishing a business of providing false immigration documents, advice and other services to the Indian community of Leicester. He has finally been arrested and tried in Leicester Crown Court for several illegal acts, the most important one being the provision of false immigration documents.
Mr. Jacoobs prosecutor, David Otterside, told the court that he had been arrested in 2012 after providing documents to an Indian from Leicester who was getting married in India and wanted to bring his wife to England. However, when the man found out, via the UK embassy in India, that the solicitor Brian John, who had ‘signed’ his documents, did not exist, he called the police.
Mr. Otterside further said that when the police searched Abdul Jacoob’s house, they found bank wage pay slips, visa applications from India and a computer which had history of searches into the Department of Works and Pensions and the Home Office.
The court was also told that Mr. Jacoob had 10 convictions from Leicester Crown Court in the month of May 2005, for attaining illegal property and giving illegal advice related to immigration. Mr. Jacoob was suspended for two years and given a two year jail sentence. The prosecutor emphasized the fact that even after being suspended and charged with offences in 2013, Mr. Jacoob continued with his felonious work.
Although Mr. Jacoob did not have a personal bank account in his name, he is reported to have deposited amounts ranging from 1000 pounds to 5000 pounds in a particular account. The prosecutor estimated the amount of profit gained from this illicit business to be about 100,000 pounds or more. Mr. Jacoob was eventually sent to jail for a year. The presiding judge, Adrian Reynolds, claimed he had no choice but to sentence Mr. Jacoob to jail time as he had continued with his unlawful actions despite being charged and sent to jail.
The judge told Mr. Jacoob that he was not only being sentenced because of breaking the rules, but also because he did not seem to be apologetic or ashamed of his doings in any way. Therefore it was imperative for him to be punished and expose him in the society. It is only after this that the defendant realized his mistake and pleaded guilty to providing illegal immigration advice between the period of January 2001 and March 2014, despite not having the qualification to do so.
Mr. Jacoob also admitted that he had falsified immigration documents leading to a serious impingement on immigration law between the time of August 2008 and March 2014. He also pleaded guilty for possession of money which was obtained by criminal means on June 2007 and January 20th 2014.
Mr. Jacoobs lawyer, Mr. Balraj Bhatia, differed with the court on the point that while Mr. Jaqoob has no doubt committed these offences, he also played an important role in helping and guiding his community. Being one of the first generations of Indians to come Leicester, he was able to help his fellow Indians with issues of immigration, housing and tax payments. According to the defending lawyer, he may have earned unlawfully, but it was not to live a life of luxury, rather, it was to support his sick wife and son.