Is there Benefit to Welfare Tourism in the UK?

The UK government is on the verge of being dubbed a nasty country form Europe, as they seek to carry out plans which will seek to curb the access of benefits for European Union immigrants. In a move which will see them introducing authority to deport migrants who are without a home and curb access to benefits such as housing and unemployment. Laszlo Andor, who is the European Union’s employment commissioner, has cautioned the UK of creating a panic.

Manifestly inadequate, was the term used to describe the UK’s benefits payments by the European Committee of Social Rights in a published report. The report has questioned the system which is believed to be too generous and condemned the low payments offered for some benefits which the committee believes are not up to European standards.

General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) says that this report exposed the disgraceful way the unemployed, sick and disabled are dealt with in the UK.

The commission stated that the minimum level of state pension and job seekers allowance are inadequate and stands at £67 and £102 weekly respectively. However this met the standard of 40% of the Eurostat median equivalised income.


With that said, there is very little Britain gets from tourism as most migrants come to the UK to find work or to settle with family rather enjoy the recreational activities provided for tourists. Thus the EU citizens tend to immigrate to the UK because of low wages in their country.

In a published report by the European Commission last October, it suggested that migrants in the EU have a higher probability of being employed than the actual nationals of that nation and found that there is little to suggest that benefits was the main motivation for migration. There was also data which showed that immigrants consume less of the welfare than nationals.


However, the reports claim that in the UK, records show that EU migrants claim benefits before there was a work record for them. Also there is statistics that shows the UK was the only EU country that had the least beneficiaries of migrants to nationals. Migrant were restricted the some benefits because they were unable to meet the residency criteria.

The Department of Works and Pensions carried out a study and found out that only one tenth of EU nationals were successful in receiving benefits. The University College London did a research and showed that citizens were 60% more likely to receive benefits than migrants.


In a published report done on the UK benefits system by Migrationwatch UK, shows that the UK system is very generous and is not hard to access benefits. This makes it a lot easier for migrants form the less fortunate nations coming to the UK in order to seek better opportunities as the standards are higher. The EU findings agree with that of Migrationwatch and the data shows that workers travel from the poorest south and east to more lucrative parts of Europe such as the west and north.