Join Our One on One Private Tuition for Passing the Life in the UK Test !

Did you ever Feel like being Left all on your own, to your own devices while studying? Or thought that at least the knowledge that someone is There to whom you can Reach to as and when you Require. Or are you the High Achiever who has benefited from coaching in any endeavour in your life ? Or simply do you just Hate studying for Exams !

If so please read on to see the Solution to your problem…

  1. Why are WE providing this Training ?
    1. All our Resources at are for FREE !,BUT
    2. We receive a lots of requests from people Asking for Private Training and One on One Coaching.
  2. This Training is very Exclusive:
    1. Only offered to the Subscribers of our email list.
    2. Only offered to a very Limited number of people per month.
    3. NOT for everyone
    4. Expensive – Because the trainers we use are the BEST in the industry with a lot of Experience and Qualifications

  3. Who would Benefit from this Type of Coaching / Training:
    1. If you have failed the test Repeatedly !!! then this training can help you PASS on your next Attempt !
    2. If you want us to take the Responsibility and the burden of managing your studying process for this exam.
    3. If you have a Short Deadline – for example if you need to Pass the Life in the UK Test before the proposed Changes to visa requirements by the Home Office.
    4. If you have not Sat for an exam in a while and need Help with Brushing Up your exam Technique.
    5. If you are a Busy Executive who would rather use a Professional Trainer/Coach rather than study on your own.
    6. Your level of English is above ESOL 3
    7. If you feel more comfortable with the knowledge that there is a Coach who would Understand you requirements and set the Right pace for you.
    8. If you Hate studying for exams on your own.
    9. If you want to Save Time.


  1. How much does it Cost ?1. ONLY £149/- for the full course.2. Will be Delivered in 1 Hour slots over 5 Sessions.

    3. Training will be delivered via Live Skype Sessions.

    4. Can pay via Paypal (You don’t even need to have a paypal account! Paypal is the trusted method to pay on the Internet)

  1. To Register please send us your details by replying to this email.Please include Your:
    1. Name
    2. Level of English
    3. Nationality
    4. Employment status
    5. Age
So that we can Customise your Tuition.
  1. Trainers are:
    1. British University Academics with a collective Teaching Experience of over 20 years
    2. All trainers have Passed the Life in the UK Test
    3. Easy to Understand Accent – if you struggle to understand British or other non Asian accents.
    4. Proficient in our Tried and Tested test preparation and Quick study Techniques.
If you want to get ahead of the game, like the many others, complete all the training before you get to the test centre to take the exam !James Hall and Team at