When informed that Deepa Patel might not pronounce a sentence on short notice against her former boyfriend for harassment Terrence Peter Hollingworth a deputy district judge was reported to have stated:
It was not going to be a problem, because she was not going to be employed in an important place where she would not be getting time off. She was only going to be employed in an off-licence or at a shop.
When prosecutor Rachel Parker asked for clarification on his remarks, he allegedly added:
She was not going to be employed in an important place because of her ethnicity and her name as Patel.
The Sun on Sunday attributed those quotes to the 63-year-old just as a confirmation was made by officials of the stepping down of the judge from being a deputy district judge, and from duties on immigration after being in the post for four years.
The Office for Judicial Conduct Investigations spokesman stated that they had gotten a confirmation of the resignation from being a deputy district judge by Judge Richard Terrence Peter Hollingworth. The stated further that any misconduct that was found and any disciplinary action that was recommended would subsequently be carried out by the Office for the Judicial Conduct Investigations.
There is an understanding that this complaint resulted from the embarrassment that Ms. Parker had felt by the incident. According to her, the incident which occurred around October 30 had embarrassed her professionally.
The 22 year old Ms. Patel who is a law student had informed the Sun on Sunday that she was disgusted by the comments made by the judge.
She had stated that she had been born and bred in Britain. Before she got to studying law at the university, she had gone through school and college, and so it was really very disgusting that a highly placed personality and professional in the person of a judge could make such a disgusting statement as the judge had done to her.
Ms. Patel stated that emotionally she was angrier than just being upset, especially in view of the fact that she had already undergone so much by taking the case to court to seek redress and justice. In her opinion, it was right and proper that the judge had resigned but it was still outrageous that he was still employed by the state as a judge on immigration. She believed that he must be asked to resign completely.
23 year old Parvan Singh who is the defendant in the case was eventually jailed for 30 weeks.