Labour Party Losing Votes From Labourers

The Labour Party, currently forming the Opposition of the United Kingdom Parliament needs to address some major issues if it hopes to recover the many voters it is currently losing out. The majority of blue collar voters are now supporting the relatively new United Kingdom Independence Party. The irony is that the Labour Party was formed to specifically address the needs of the working class, and their major vote bank was this large population. However their support is fast eroding in their primary voter base. This can be primarily attributed to the recent influx of immigrants into the country. The blue collar workers who generally support the leftist Labour Party are leaning towards the Right Wing United Kingdom Independence Party. This needs to be addressed. The fact is that the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party can’t be brushed under the rug and attributed to Tory supporters in typical fashion. The ground reality is that there is a huge upsurge in the support for the United Kingdom Independence Party due to ever rising inequalities between United Kingdom citizens and immigrant workers. The native citizens are wary of being discriminated against in their own country. Due to the burgeoning number of immigrants, native citizens are finding it increasingly difficult to find jobs and are seeing a huge rise in the daily cost of living.

The United Kingdom Independence Party, whose ideology is quite detrimental to the working class population, does address the immigration problems. Though they are extremists, they have previously shown that they can effectively combat immigration. It is this that is causing a sudden rise in the popularity of the United Kingdom Independence Party. If the Labour Party wants to return to power, it is imperative that it addresses this situation. Even though the Labour Party is leading in most opinion polls, it needs to stop bleeding voters to the United Kingdom Independence Party. If this is not done in a timely manner, another coalition government led by the Conservative Party is very likely. The United Kingdom Independence Party is not really a ‘Conservative Party in exile’ or made up of disgruntled Tory members. It is in fact a smart political party that understands the people’s current needs. It has aligned its own interests and agenda with the needs of these people and is hence enjoying immense popularity. These are the people whose needs could not be satisfied by either the Labour Party or the Conservative Party. There is a huge swathe of such people. They can’t simply be brushed off as a minority or a group of people living under illusions. They are not illiterates who are merely protesting on the basis of what they read in the papers. They are in fact the real people of Britain. They go out every day, work every day and face these problems every day. Immigration is not an imaginary issue, it is a very real and extremely pressing issue that needs to be addressed by the government.