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Before you book your test, please make sure that you are ready for it! During the past 8 years, we have seen so many people failing, some people fail by 1 or 2 points 🙁

A great way to make sure that you pass with minimal time and effort is at

With the availability of online test booking, Now You can select a Life in UK Test Centre during the booking process. For example if you lived in Birmingham and wanted to find the life in the UK test centres in Birmingham, then you can just put your postcode into the Box below which says “Enter Your Post Code or Address”. It will then find all places in your area and list them below the map. So you can see the location on the map and also you can get all the details of the centre like the Name, Distance to the place, Address, and also directions to the examination centre. Then select a place from that list and click on that so that you can view it on the map. Now you can see the Address, phone number, opening times, and directions of the test centre.

Below is a list of test centres in Birmingham that you can get from this tool

East Birmingham Community Forum Ltd
1.5 miles
The Jet Shop
Saltley, Birmingham B8 1LY
Exchange Group Wolverhampton
11.9 miles
c/o Wolverhampton Central Library
Garrick Street, Wolverhampton WV1 3AX
Numidia Education & Training Ltd
16.7 miles
Coventry Central Library
17 Smithford Way, Coventry CV1 1FY
Skills for Enterprise learndirect centre
33.7 miles
2-4 Colton Street
Leicester LE1 1QA

If for some reason you are not sure about your postcode, or you prefer to search by the name of the area, then you can use the name of the city. For example if you wanted to find out places in London where you can do the test, then just enter London in to the box.

For more information on how to book the British Citizenship Test online, Please visit Book Life in the UK Test Online

Enter Your Post Code or Address Above.

When you book the Life in the UK test, please make sure that you follow the instructions highlighted in that article.  Because if for example you don’t use a valid ID when booking, you will NOT be allowed to take the test at the test centre on the day of you test 🙁 ! So it really is critical, because I have seen so many people getting this wrong and end up being unable to do the test, even though they have fully paid for it. Also if you have any difficulties at the test centre, like computer failure, unfriendly/ nasty staff at the centre, there are way to complaint.

VERY Critical information!!! Just be VERY VERY careful with this!!!!

Please make sure that the centre you book is close to where you live. For example if you live in London, don’t book a test at a centre in Glasgow because it would look suspicious (They will think that it’s unnatural for you to travel so far, so they will assume someone else is sitting the test on your behalf! which is illegal!). If it is far from where you are then you will not be allowed to take the test at the test centre!!!!
also you will NOT get a refund!!!.

They will give you your 5 closest test centres, then you need to choose one from those.

Please take proof of address that is within 3 months of the day of your test. (that has your name and post code on it) to present to the test centre staff!
This can be in the form of a
1. Utility bill – gas, electricity or water bill
2. Council Tax bill
3. letter from the Home Office with your name and address on it
4. UK photocard driving licence
5. bank or credit card statement – just make sure that these are originals, not what you printed off from online banking. Best option is to visit the bank and ask them to print the statements and MOST IMPORTANTLY ask them to  stamped  the statements officially!!! if they refuse that is usually because they are not aware that they can do that, just ask to speak to the manager or the supervisor ;). So ALWAYS select the closest test centre and then read the below and follow the instructions to make sure that it is still there!!!

Make sure that the test centre is still there!

Another VERY important factor is contacting the test centre BEFORE your test to make sure that the test centre is still there. I have received emails from a lot of students saying that they paid and registered for the test at a test centre, but when they went there on the day of there test, there was no test centre. This is common there days because so many test centres have closed down due to financial reasons or they are not allowed to operate any more because of fraudulent activities!

So always make sure that the test centre is there by, calling or by actually visiting the test centre at least 7 days before your test.

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