Life in the UK Test –Prepare for the Essentials

You need to pass the Life in the UK test, before you can become a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So you need to study extensively the five chapters of the Life in the UK Test: A Guide for New Residents – Third Edition 2013.

The test handbook is available in authorized bookstores. But you can get the book for FREE at You may even get a free online coaching or review for a week at . Furthermore, more than a thousand practice questions are also available for free online at . These practice test questions are available on a per chapter basis for a more comprehensive preparation. With the revision of the UK Test Handbook, more facts and information had been infused to the scope of the test. Thus, the test now is more difficult than the previous years.

When you feel confident to take the British citizenship test, it is time to check the nearest testing centre from where you live, among the more than ninety testing centres available throughout the United Kingdom. Once located, visit the testing centre and book yourself for the test. Write down your tests schedule which may be anytime within a month from the date of your application.

While waiting for your booked testing day, continue to review but in a leisurely manner. Do not cram!. Also, make a list of the requirements you need to present or submit to your test supervisor for the test. Prepare these things prior to the scheduled examination day. These essentials are:

  1. Identification card with your picture and signature;

See to it that the photo in your identification card looks exactly as you do to prevent any delay in your taking the test.

  1. Passport issued by the country you came from, or;

  2. United Kingdom driver’s license, either full or provisional, if any, or;

  3. Convention Travel Document (CTD), or;

  4. Certificate of Identity Document, or;

  5. Stateless Person Document (SPO), or;

  6. Immigration Status Document, and;

This document should be authorized with the United Kingdom Residence Permit and bears your photo as an applicant.

  1. Any document which bears your postcode.

While taking the forty five minute test, conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. You’re almost there and you can’t afford to be denied of your application on the grounds of misconduct. Read the questions carefully. Do not rush.

Through the years, the United Kingdom’s Immigration rules had evolved and had become more challenging. It would be best that the sooner you take the exam, the better. Should you fail, you always have another chance to do better. So, stop dragging your feet! Today is the best time to take the Life in the United Kingdom Test!