Life in the UK test Questions

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This page is the key to understanding all the facts that are in the book (and the smart study book summaries) and  passing. Practice and revise as much as possible!!! Try to score a minimum of 90% on all quizzes. We would recommend that you practice until you get 100% on all quizzes of chapter 3 !!!

Chapter 1  :  The Values and Principles of the UK

Chapter 2  : What is the UK

  • Exam ( 8 Questions )Life in the UK test – This is the easiest part, but make sure you take this seriously !

Chapter 3 : A Long and Illustrious History

  • Exam ( 211 Questions )Life in the UK test
  • A note about this part 3- This is the longest and the most challenging section in the book, with the aim of making things easier and clearer We have divided Chapter 3 into 8 parts, so that it’s easier for your to study in bite size chunks! below are the 8 parts. Also please read the summaries which also are presented as 8 parts. Make sure that you get 100% for all tests in here for 3, because this is the most critical stage of your preparation.

Chapter 4 : A Modern Thriving Society

  • Exam (71 Questions)Life in the UK test

Chapter 5 : The UK Government, the Law and Your Role

  • Exam ( 80 Questions )Life in the UK test

Final Exam – From ALL Chapters

  • Final Exam ( 24 Questions at a time  – THERE ARE 1000S OF  HERE BUT TO FAMILIARISE YOU WITH THE REAL EXAM YOU WILL BE PRESENTED WITH ONLY 24  AT A TIME) – Practice as much as possible so that you have a good grasp of what is covered in the syllabus, and you will be ready for the exam in no time.

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All tests are from the Latest Official Book, Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship. Please see the chapter summaries so that you don’t have to buy and read the whole book. We tried to cover all facts in the book and the quizzes cover most of the facts that you are expected to know.